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make video conference between 8950 IP phones

Publication Date:  2018-01-31 Views:  159 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

the video conference can establish between two 8950, but when you want make video conference with more than 3 8950 and soft client, the conference can’t establish

Handling Process

first we sent to the customer information about instant conferences  to check it:-

1.       For Instant Conferences

l  Ensure that your l and has been assigned the instant conference service rights on the server.

l  Ensure that on the phone web page, you have enabled the instant conference service rights.

l  For any questions, contact your system administrator.

Table 37-3 describes three methods you can use to create an instant conference.

Table 1-1 Creating an instant conference

If You Want to...


Create an instant conference using 

1.   Tap .

2.   In the conference list screen, tap .

3.   Enter the number of a participant and tap .


l  You can select contacts on the contact list, or call history tab, and then tap .

l  If you want to add participants using the Contacts tab, you can tap a contact and change the contact's number to be invited to the conference.

4.   Tap Audio Conference or Video Conference.


l  You can upgrade an audio conference to a video conference, but you cannot change a video conference to an audio conference.

l  If video conferences are required, configure the video conferencing server address on the phone LCD screen or web page. The IP phone as the moderator can support a conference with at most 20 participants, of which at most 16 participants can join the conference in video mode. The rest participants can join the conference only in audio mode.

l  You can create an instant conference during a call. If the create operation fails, your phone automatically changes the instant conference to a local conference.

Create an instant conference using Conference

You (for example, User A) are talking with User B. You tap Conference.

Create an instant conference using Merge Call

The call between you and User B is in ongoing, and the call between you and User C is placed on hold.

You tap Merge Call to create a local conference.


If there are multiple calls on the current line, you can tap Merge Call. In the dialog box that is displayed, you can merge calls.

Create an instant conference through a conference record

If a conference record exists, you can select the record and tap Start Again to start a conference with the participants in the conference record.

Create an instant conference by dialing a conference access code

If you have scheduled an instant conference using eSpace Portal, you can tap Join on the right of the conference record or directly dial the conference access code and create an instant conference as prompted.


l  You can join a conference using Join at most five minutes ahead of the conference start time.

l  For details about how to schedule a conference using eSpace Portal, see the eSpace UC Product Documentation.

Create an instant conference by dialing an instant conference prefix

Dial the instant conference prefix, for example, #**, if you have obtained the prefix from the administrator to create an instant conference.


Common participants can dial the access code first and then enter the password as prompted to join a scheduled conference. To avoid the risks incurred by the system's remembering the password in the call record, the method of directly dialing the conference access code, star key, password, and pound key in sequence to join a conference is not recommended.

After you create an instant conference, you can perform operations described in the following table.

l  You can tap  in the lower part of the phone screen to view the participant list of the current conference.

l  During a conference, a conference participant can perform only the following operations: viewing participant details, mute himself/herself, and quitting the conference. In a video conference, common participants can enable or disable local video and display video in full screen.

Table 1-2 Instant conference

If You Want to...


Add a participant

5.   On the conference screen, tap  to access the dialing screen.

6.   Add a participant.


You can directly dial or a number or select a number on the Contacts or History screen.

7.   Tap OK.


l  In the IMS+UC network environment, an IP phone supports a maximum of six instant conferences, with each conference allowing a maximum of 20 participants. If there are more than 20 contacts in the participant list, only the first 20 contacts (including yourself) can join the conference.

l  In the EC6.X or UC2.X network environment, an IP phone supports one instant conference, you can add a maximum of 10 participants at a time. In total, you can add 20 participants (including yourself).

Change an audio conference to a video conference

8.   Tap .

9.   Tap Video Conference.

Enable or disable local video

10. Tap .

11. Tap Stop Video or Start Video.

Enable or disable the video of a participant

12. Tap the profile picture of a participant.

13. Tap Stop Video or Start Video.

Display video in full screen

14. Tap a participant in the participant list.

15. Tap Full Screen.

Change the display sequence of a participant

16. Tap a participant in the participant list.

17. Tap Replace and tap the replacing participant.

Mute a participant

18. Tap the profile picture of a participant.

19. Tap Mute.


To unmute a participant, tap Unmute.

View the details of a participant

20. Tap the profile picture of a participant.

21. Tap Details.

Mute or unmute yourself

l To mute yourself: Press  while on a call.

l To unmute yourself: Press  while in the mute state.

Delete a participant

22. Tap the profile picture of a participant.

23. Tap Delete.

24. In the dialog box that is displayed, tap OK.

Release the chair

25. Tap .

26. In the dialog box that is displayed, tap OK.

Exit a conference

27. Tap.

28. In the End or Exit the conference? dialog box, tap Exit.

End a conference

29. Tap .

30. In the End or Exit the conference? dialog box that is displayed, tap End.


l  The conference initiator can tap  to end the conference.

l  Participants can tap  to quit the conference.


he checked and the issue still exist

so we checked the license and it is also okay as below:-

so we sent to the customer the information below:-

        First of all , I want explain that when you hold a conference between two 8950 ,it just  a video call(same as voice call),but when there is more than 3 devices, you can treat it as a conference/meeting, so the device Meeting MS is necessary, please confirm if you have this device or not


        And if you didn’t have a meeting server, we can provide the installation packet for you according your current version;


        And in general , we need a new server to install it ,but if you only have few devices need join the conference , you can install it on your BMU server;


        Please confirm if you install the meeting MS ,if not ,please provide your UC system version ,we will provide the installation packet and configuration documents for you

and this is the reply of the customer:-

   Already installed the Meeting MS, please help to confirm the installation is correct and working fine.


so we make a remote session and do this:-

add a sip trunk between U19 and meeting MS(need configure the office select code and office route first), he conference can establish,but 8950 can only join the audio conference,can't join the video conference, but the softe client is OK ,so we check the 8950 configuration and found  didn't configure the meeting server ID,after we add the meeting server address on 8950  web interface,the issue solved;