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eSight mediation Instalation for eLTE AIR node

Publication Date:  2019-07-09  |   Views:  438  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  i84082849  |   Document ID:  EKB1001426081


Issue Description

The customer is able to ping from the eSight to the AirNodeB but don’t have the mediation software.

The customer request the mediation SW for eSight and installation procedure.


The information about eSight and CPE device is the next:



The adaptation layer software of eAN3810 is commonly used in both the eSight and U2000 network.

The provided link to download this eAN adapter layer is:


About the procedure to install this mediation SW, we can follow the eAN3810A Product Document:|9885152|9885409|22318391|21875569



Port Requirements 

Use the Web to access the eAN3810A for OM. If a firewall exists between the eAN3810A and the LMT PC, ports 20, 21, and 80 must be enabled on the firewall. If Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) needs to be used, ports 20, 21, and 443 must be enabled on the firewall.


• Ports 20 and 21 are used for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). They need to be enabled when files are transferred using the FTP.
• Port 80 is used for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) by default. That is, the port is used for a web server by default.
• Port 443 is used for the HTTPS by default.
• HTTP cannot ensure secure access. In HTTP-based connection mode, the data exchanged between the LMT and the eAN3810A is vulnerable to interception. Therefore, the LMT can use only HTTPS to access the eAN3810A.

Communication Capability Requirements

The LMT PC must support TCP/IP protocols.
The minimum effective network bandwidth for the LMT is 512 kbit/s. The recommended bandwidth is 2 Mbit/s or higher.


• The network bandwidth limits the web page opening speed. If the recommended effective bandwidth is provided, the LMT runs quickly. If the minimum effective bandwidth is provided, all the functions can be performed, but the LMT runs slowly.
• The effective bandwidth is the bandwidth occupied by the LMT. If multiple applications compete for this bandwidth, the LMT may run slowly even if a 2 Mbit/s bandwidth is provided.

Logging In to the LMT

This section describes how to log in to the LMT.


• The network connection between the LMT and eAN3810A server has been established.
• When the IE is used for LMT login, first set IE's Internet Options before logging, check the "TLS1.1" and "TLS1.2" in the "Advanced" , as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 IE's Internet Options



• When the Firefox is used for LMT login, first set Firefox's encryption method before logging, enter "about:config" and return, then find the item "security.tls.version.max" and change its value to "2" or "3" , as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2 Firefox encryption method




• There is two types of LMT users: Local User and Domain User.
• A maximum of 15 local users can log in to the LMT at the same time.
• By default, the LMT is accessed using the HTTPS policy. If HTTP is entered in a web browser, the HTTP is automatically changed into HTTPS before logging in to the LMT.
• If the colors of the LMT main page cannot be displayed when the Internet Explorer is used, perform operations according to instructions in LMT Colors Cannot Be Displayed.
• After the O&M channel between the NE and eSight server is established, you can log in to the NE using the eSight server. The network connection between the LMT and eAN3810A server has been established.


Do not change the system time or time zone of the LMT PC when the LMT is running. Otherwise, a critical fault may occur in the system. If the system time or time zone has to be changed, you must perform the operation after logging out of the LMT.

• If the pop-up blocker is enabled when the Firefox browser is used for LMT login, the LMT cannot be logged in. To avoid this problem, choose Settings. In the displayed Options dialog box, clear the Block pop-up windows check box on the Content tab page.
• The refresh function of the browser cannot be used on the LMT. If you use the refresh function in the LMT main page, the LMT main page is closed. If you use the refresh function on the monitoring page, a script error occurs.
• When the Internet Explorer is used for LMT login, do not change the properties of the cache file folders. Otherwise, the Internet Explorer is automatically refreshed, resulting in an error in the LMT main page.
• If you use Internet Explorer to log in to the LMT and choose StartRun to start File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services, the LMT main window is replaced with the login dialog box of the FTP server. To prevent this problem, set Internet Explorer as follows: In Internet Explorer, choose Tools Internet Options, and deselect Reuse windows for launching shortcuts under Browse on the Advanced tab page.
• Before you use the web LMT to upgrade or roll back an eAN3810A, clear the browser's buffer and cookies.
• If you press ALT+ <-- , the LMT main window may experience an error. In this case, press ALT + -->  to restore the window settings. If the window settings cannot be restored, close the browser and log in to the web LMT again.

Finally, after to upgrade the esight to release 007 and after to install the device adaptation, it could see that all worked fine:



It was possible to manage the AirNodeB from eSight: