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MA5800-X7 + MA5633- Cable Modem connectivity issues with CM model "Arris Touchstone TM822S"

Publication Date:  2019-07-09  |   Views:  1010  |   Downloads:  2  |   Author:  a84084336  |   Document ID:  EKB1001864925


Issue Description

There is a PoC/Test with customer for their Cable Network using Huawei DCCAP solution (MA5800-x7 as GPON OLT and MA5633 D3.1 + D3.0 ready as Optical Node/D-CMTS).
A basic network setting has been installed so the client could test our Cable/DOCSIS products and interoperability with their system (DOCSIS provisioning systems and LIVE network cable modem models). Their services (High-speed Internet / DVB-C broadcast TV / SIP based VoIP services) were tested and are running fine under MA5633 D-CMTS just for one of their Cable Modem models (“ARRIS Touchstone TG2492S-85”), while DOCSIS services / connectivity is faulty (cable modem status goes offline right after “online” state) for the older CM version "ARRIS Touchstone TM822S".

Handling Process

Asked to collect logs ont MA5800-X7 as below:


huawei(config)#undo smart
huawei(config)#display patch all 
huawei(config)#display board 0

huawei(config)#display board 1

huawei(config)#display current-configuration

huawei(config)#display cable modem phy
huawei(config)#display cable rf-power [frameid] upstream 

cable rf-power [frameid] downstream

huawei(diagnose)%%display reset-record

huawei(diagnose)%%display cable modem status trace [cm-index]  // all the CM

huawei(diagnose)%%display cable modem departure-reason [cm-index] // all the CM

huawei(diagnose)%%display cable modem cfg-file [cm-index] // all the CM, for offline CMs, please collect when cm get online

huawei(diagnose)%%debugging cable modem [abnormal cm MAC] mac-mgnt-msg all tlv  // wait CM get online 2 times, then input the command bellow.

huawei(diagnose)%%undo debugging cable modem [abnormal cm MAC]


// these command bellow, please input one bye one, don’t copy and paste them all.

huawei(diagnose)%%transparent on 2/0 

huawei(diagnose)%%debugging bcm3219 linux print on 255

huawei(diagnose)%%debugging bcm3219 linux 

huawei(diagnose)%%macmgr cmtrace show mac [abnormal cm MAC]

huawei(diagnose)%%macmgr cmtrace show mac [normal cm MAC]

huawei(diagnose)%%transparent  off 

huawei(diagnose)%%display cable event history detail

huawei(diagnose)%%display alarm history all list 

huawei(diagnose)%%display event history all list 

Root Cause

After receiving the logs ( attached) we can conclude that:

The departure-reason the this CM

We can find the departure-reason(offline-reason) of this CM is BAD_RCC_TCC.

This reason is send by CM(in Reg-Msg)

The departure-reason(offline-reason) carried by CM

Possible reasons for this issue

This reason is send by CM, we can’t judge the reason accurately, because it is related to the requirement of CM.

But we can give possible reason of this issue by our experience.

We have confirmed the CM 4 bound downstream channel 1-8.

We have checked the configuration and find there are two possible reason maybe lead to this issue

Point 1: There are gap(16M) between channel 4 and channel 5, some CMs don’t support this big gap.


Point 2: The frequency of some channel is too low, some CMs maybe can’t support so low frequency.





Disable the downstream channel 1-4, only keep downstream channel 5-12, and check cm 4 could get online or not.

After this action, the CM went online.