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Couldn’t login MCU webpage

Publication Date:  2018-09-26 Views:  361 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Software version: V9660 V200R001C30SPC400

Problem: Couldn’t login MCU webpage

Handling Process


1.       Ping the MCU IP, it’s reachable. If not, need check if network has any problems

2.       Check IE setting about HTTP and TLS, found it was correctly set. If not, please change:

3.       Check SMC alarms, found SMC has MCU connection fail alarm for a long time.

4.       Reset every connection setting between SMC and MCU to make sure it was correct

a)       Reset the HTTP passwd and account in MCU

<HUAWEI VP9630>system smc-administrator-pwd

  administrator password{max len:16}[******]:

  Info:set administrator password finish.


b)       Reset SMC management setting both in MCU and SMC

In MCU side:

[HUAWEI VP9630]manage-config



[HUAWEI VP9630]manage-config

connect type{0:smc2.0/ims 1:inside web/third party}[0]:

set the interface{ 0:METH 1:GE0 2:GE1 -1:ANY}[-1]:

local-listening-port{1  - 65535}[5000]:

connect password{string, max len:16}[******]:

connect mode{0:no encryption 1:encryption}[1]:1

connect timeout{min:15; max:65535}[30]:

  Info:set the manage config finish!


c)       In SMC side: Edit MCU setting in webpage, to make sure

5.       However the SMC management still fail due to HTTP account error

6.       Reboot MCU, remain same

7.       Check file under web “MCU/” directory, found file is empty:

<HUAWEI VP9630(file)>ll /ata00:1/web
Listing Directory /ata00:1/web:
drwxrwxrwx  1 0       0                16384 Jul 21 06:25 ./
drwxrwxrwx  1 0       0                16384 Jul 21 16:26 ../

8.       Change the mcu-web file, the issue was solved


Root Cause

This is caused by web page file damaged, this will happen when the version is old and some sudden power off or violent actions. 


1. Set FTP server and download, unzip the file and get “”

2. SSH MCU with administrator

3. Upload with below commands:

HUAWEI VP9630>upgrade


[HUAWEI VP9630-upgrade]upgrade



[HUAWEI VP9630-upgrade]upgrade


  ftp server information:

    Ftp server ip version          : ipv4   

    Ftp server ip address          :

    Ftp server port                : 21     

    Ftp server user name           : mcu    

    Ftp server user password       : ****** 


  Upgrade software, Board slot ID: 0

  Software type:

    0: mcu-core.bin

    1: mcu-me.bin

    2: mcu-boot.bin

    3: mcu-boot2.bin

    4: mcu-audio.bin

    8: mcu-gw.bin

    9: mcu-core-logic.bin


   15: mcu-netra-initrd.img

   60: HUAWEI-VP9660.bin

  Please select software type:14

4. Reboot MCU after that