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Cannot configure the UNI ports of the ONTs in U2000

Publication Date:  2018-09-26 Views:  718 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

The ONT model is EG8040P running the V8R018C00S201 software version.

The u2000 NMS is running the V200R015C60SPC2000 sw version, installed in a linux VM :

Linux rm00598-u2000-egeo-1 3.0.101-0.47.71-default #1 SMP Thu Nov 12 12:22:22 UTC 2015 (b5b212e) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux.

There are issues configuring the UNI ports of the ONTs , the U2000 NMS is not showing the UNI ports of the connected ONTs. It is needed to try the PoE feature of the UNI ports but cannot find a way to configure these interfaces.

Alarm Information

The screenshot of the issue is presented below.

 So there is no error showing on u2000, but it looks impossible to configure the Ethernet ports of the ONTs

Handling Process

The below log collect was necessary:


the log switch

Modify file: /opt/oss/server/cbb/frame/conf/logconfig.cfg

Change DevLogLevel = 3  to DevLogLevel = 1

Just like follow:

#default output level

# 1:Trace

# 2:Debug

# 3:Info

# 4:Warn

# 5:Error

# 6:Fatal

DevLogLevel= 1

2. Start capture(this is important) in U2000bserver CLI as root user

if system is solaris:

#snoop -o /opt/U2000issue.cap -d NICname ip x.x.x.x    //Pls replace the x.x.x.x by IP of OLT, Notice: please choose the right NIC

if system is Linux: #tcpdump -s 0 -i any host x.x.x.x  -w  /opt/U2000issue.cap  //Pls replace the x.x.x.x by IP of OLT

3.Reproduce the problem(screen issue send to me).

4.Stop to capture in U2000 server CLI by Ctrl + C, collect and feedback the


5.Collect below logs in U2000 server from 1 days ago to the operate day .

/opt/oss/server/var/logs/Develop/BmsAccess_*/*    (There
are more than one BmsAccess_* folder,such as BmsAccess_101/201...,Pls collect
all of them)

6.Disable the log switch

Modify file: /opt/oss/server/cbb/frame/conf/logconfig.cfg

Change DevLogLevel =1  to DevLogLevel = 3

7. Run
follow command in server CLI to export some database table, feedback all txt
files in /opt/oss folder(Replace the xxxxxx by sa password)


BMSDB..bms_gdm_DeviceTab out /opt/oss/BMSDB..bms_gdm_DeviceTab.txt -SDBSVR -Usa -Pxxxxxx -c  -t,

#bcp BMSDB..bms_cfg_tab out /opt/oss/BMSDB..bms_cfg_tab.txt -SDBSVR -Usa -Pxxxxxx -c -t,

#bcp BMSDB..bms_ont_capability out /opt/oss/BMSDB..bms_ont_capability.txt -SDBSVR
-Usa -Pxxxxxx -c -t,

#bcp BMSDB..bms_gpon_OntTab out /opt/oss/BMSDB..bms_gpon_OntTab.txt -SDBSVR -Usa -Pxxxxxx -c -t,

#bcp MCDB..tbl_usercfg_param out /opt/oss/MCDB..tbl_usercfg_param.txt -SDBSVR -Usa -Pxxxxxx -c -t,

Root Cause

After collecting the logs, we could see the below configuration:

EG8040P,xponCATV,0EG8040P,xponETH,0 EG8040P,xponPOTS,0 EG8040P,xponVDSL,0

But for this ONT model, the number of xponETH ports should actually be 4.


We entered the U2000 database and used the commandupdate bms_ont_capability set PortNum = 4 where EquipmentID = 'EG8040P' and PortType = 'xponETH'to set the correct configuration ( change the 'xponETH' value to 4).

Afterwards, we restarted the BMS processes in Sysmonitor, and we could  finally notice that the UNI ports interface appeared in the U2000 Client. The issue was solved.