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WAN Router Interface removed after reload ONT

Publication Date:  2018-09-26  |   Views:  1481  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  f84102783  |   Document ID:  EKB1001882239


Issue Description

MA5603T#display board serial-number
{ frameid[/slotid]<S><Length 1-15> }:0
          display board serial-number 0
  Solt ID        Board Name         Serial Number
  0              H805GPFD           022MLMDMHB604497               
  1              H805GPFD           022MLMCNJ3002682               
  6              H802SCUN           021VDE10J7012635               
  7              H802SCUN           021VDE10J7010100               
  8              H801X2CS           020KKP10J3000480               
  9              H801X2CS           020KKP10J3000408               

I am deploying ONT’s with the next WAN configuration

1_TR069_VOIP_R_VID_6 – ONT Management Network – provisioned by OLT via OMCI
2_VOIP_R_VID_11 – VoIP ONT SIP agent
4_OTHER_B_VID_10 -
5_OTHER_B_VID_40 -

Everything works fine, but when I reboot the ONT the 2_VOIP_R_VID_11 disappears from the WAN table.

I have tested this configuration with a TR069 ACS Server and configuring Manually through ONT web interface.
All both scenarios the WAN Router interface dissapears. Only persist the Bridge interfaces.
Same behaviour for all ONTs
Please Find Attached the ONT configuration before and after reboot it.

ONT information:
Serial number: 485754439BBD0C9C
Product class: HG8247U
OUI: 00259E
Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
Hardware version: 13C9.A
Software version: V3R018C10S100




How does this works:
         1. OMCI  create the WAN interface have the higher priority, when create the WAN interface via OMCI, ONT will check whether this WAN services is exist in current ONT configuration:
1.1 If Yes, ONT delete current exist WAN then create this new WAN configuration;
1.2 if No, ONT will create an new WAN configuration;

2. When ONT is reboot, OLT will download this configuration again(ONT will not save the configuration via OMCI to flash).

Why does it happened:
      1. ONT with default setting do not have any WAN interface;
      2. create an WAN interface via OMCI( go to 1.2), ONT have the first wan interface 1_TR069_VOIP_R_VID_6(this WAN configuration will not save in the flash);
     3. create other WAN interface via ACS, ONT have the other WAN interface 2_VOIP_R_VID_11/3/4/5 (those WAN configuration will save in the flash);
     4. ONT reboot before OLT download configuration to ONT, ONT have  2_VOIP_R_VID_11/3/4/5 four WAN interface;
     5. then OLT download WAN configuration to ONT(go to 1.1),  OLT try to create an TR069_VOIP services WAN, ONT first check the second WAN 2_VOIP_R_VID_11 is also VOIP wan, then delete 2_VOIP_R_VID_11 and create 1_TR069_VOIP_R_VID_6;
     6. so now ONT have four WAN interface 1_TR069_VOIP_R_VID_6/3/4/5.

    1. this case is an typical scenario that configure the ONT same configuration via more than two ways(OMCI and ACS), and this scenario is not suggested and ONT do not support; when you operation like this, the result is unexpected;
    2. we suggest to do it like this: 1. OLT create TR069 _R_VID_6, then let ACS create the VOIP services WAN; 2. OLT create 1_TR069_VOIP_R_VID_6 WAN, and ACS do not create VOIP services WAN.