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How Do I Configure PPPoE Users of Different Account Types and IPoE Users with None Authentication Configured to Go Online Through the Same BAS Interface

Publication Date:  2019-07-03 Views:  471 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

The ME60 supports PPPoE user accounts with or without domain names. For example, aaa@dom1 and bbb. In addition, IPTV STBs are triggered to go online through DHCP in IPoE mode and do not support authentication or accounting. The ID of the VLAN through which STBs go online is 4090, and that of the VLAN through which PPPoE users go online ranges from 1 to 4000. The users go online through the same physical BAS interface.

Handling Process

Perform the following steps:

1.Run the radius-server user-name original command in the RADIUS server group view to enable the device to add a domain name to a user name to be sent to the RADIUS server only when the user name entered during login includes the domain name. This prevents the ME60 from automatically adding a domain name to a user name that carries no domain name (such as bbb) before sending the user name to the RADIUS server.
radius-server group rd1
radius-server authentication 1812 weight 0
radius-server accounting 1813 weight 0
radius-server shared-key huawei123
radius-server user-name original

2. Configure the BAS interface for PPPoE user access. The domain moren is used to authenticate users whose login requests carry no domain names (such as bbb). Users whose login requests carry domain names (such as aaa@dom1) are automatically authenticated in the domain dom1. The user VLAN ID ranges from 1 to 4000.

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/19.50
pppoe-server bind Virtual-Template 1
user-vlan 1 4000
  access-type layer2-subscriber default-domain authentication moren
  authentication-method ppp

3. Configure the BAS interface for IPoE user access. Configure web authentication and the pre-authentication domain iptv for address allocation. The authentication mode is set to none and the user VLAN ID is 4090.

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/19.4090
user-vlan 4090
  access-type layer2-subscriber default-domain pre-authentication iptv
  authentication-method web
Configure authentication domains. Configure RADIUS authentication and accounting for users in the domain dom1 and none authentication and accounting for users in the domain iptv. The configuration details are not provided here.


In scenarios where PPPoE users of different account types and IPoE users go online through the same BAS interface but from different user VLANs, configure two BAS sub-interfaces to process PPPoE user packets and IPoE user packets, respectively.