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MA5633 - Failure: The hardware does not support this operation

Publication Date:  2019-07-09  |   Views:  1226  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  a84084336  |   Document ID:  EKB1002011454


Issue Description

PRODUCT : DCCAP - MA5800-X15 & MA5633
VERSION : MA5800V100R018C00 SPH001

Scenario: DCCAP Centralized Management - MA5633 D-CMTS as extended-frame of MA5800-x7 OLT.

MA5633 with GPON Upstream mode
MA5800 Extending Port: GPON     0 /2 /2
MA5633 ONT ID: 127

MA5633 extended frame ID: 16
MA5633 extended port: 16/0/1
Issue description: The CLI command "cable rf-power downstream" for RF Tx power adjustment isn’t supported for this specific D-CMTS/Extended-frame. Returns failure message :
MA5800-XXXXX-X15-1(config)#cable rf-power 16 downstream group 1 max-frequency 826.00 type catv-qam rf-out-power 44.8 rf-out-equalizer 8.0 attenuation 1.0 equalizer 7.0  

Failure: The hardware does not support this operation

MA5633 Extended Frame Board Info:
  display board 16 


  SlotID  BoardName 
Status          SubType0
SubType1    Online/Offline


  0       H822CCKRD 

  1       HS33CDAF  

Alarm Information

MA5800-XXX-X15-1(config)#cable rf-power 16 downstream group 1 max-frequency 826.00 type catv-qam rf-out-power 44.8 rf-out-equalizer 8.0 attenuation 1.0 equalizer 7.0

Failure: The hardware does not support this operation

Handling Process

Collected the below logs:

display patch all
display current-configuration
display temperature frameID
display frame info frameID
display board frameID
display cable rf-power frameID

display cable rf-power-monitor frameID downstream status group 1 frequency xxx  //collect lowest frequencymiddle frequencyhighest frequency
display cable rf-power-monitorframeID downstream status group 2 frequency xxx  //collect lowest frequencymiddlefrequencyhighest frequency
display cable modem frameID/1/0
display cable modem phy frameID/1/0
interface cable frameID/1/0 
display cable upstream all status
display cable downstream all status
display cable eqam-channel all status
display log all
display alarm history all list
display event history all list
display cable event history list
diagnosedisplay board unresumed-configuration
display reset-record
display elabel frameID
transparent on frameID/0   
optical debug open

....wait 2 minutes....

optical debug close

optical-elabel show
optical-info record open
optical-msg lastest open
display  optical-node statistic
display lastwords current
dbwin print 0x78 1     
dbwin send 0x78 5 1 1 0
dbwin send 0x78 5 8 0 0
dbwin send 0x78 5 6 1
dbwin send 0x78 5 6 2
dbwin send 0x78 5 1 0 0
dbwin print 0x78 0
transparent off

Root Cause

We have resolved this issue in V100R018C00SPH313.version. It is needed to upgrade the OLT

This issue is caused by the information lost in EEPROM. We have done some protection on CMC, but the protection only takes effect  after reset the CMC. SO after the patch upgrade, please reset or power cycle the CMC to resolve this issue. If the issue could not be resolved after several power cycle.


Tested MA5633 R17 software devices with MA5800 (as extended-frame/centralized management mode) running V100R018C00SPH313 patch level and confirm that the MA5633 CMC operate normally ("cable rf-power downstream" commands take effect and Hardware information is shown).

The issue persists for the initially reported CMC unit MA5633 (uplink GPON ONU SFP module serial number). The board seems to be faulty.

After the RMA process was ended ( the CMC was replaced), the issue disappeared.