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How to use different gem ports to carry uptram traffic using dscp-to-pbit mapping ?

Publication Date:  2019-01-08 Views:  515 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

I have some difficulties to configure triple play services :


IPTV (with multicast
VLAN 85 & pim ssm)

I would like to use different gem-port to carry upstream traffic by using dscp-to-pbit mapping :

o   HSI : gemport 1

o   VoIP : gemport 2

o   IPTV : gemport 3

Unfortunately all upstream traffic is carried only by the gemport 1 even if a dscp-to-pbit mapping table is use and the dscp values are correctly set by the CPE (verified with wireshark).

The multicast doesn’t work.

Ont-lineprofil 502 configuration

ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 502 profile-name "FTTHGP_Multicast"

fec-upstream enable
 mapping-mode priority (I’ve tried with vlan-priority, same problem)
tcont 1 dba-profile-id 300
 gem add 1 eth tcont 1
gem add 2 eth tcont 1
 gem add 3 eth tcont 1

gem mapping 1 0 priority 0
gem mapping 2 0 priority 5

gem mapping 3 0 priority 4





 The  “ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 5” with three  gemport,it’s  mapping by  vlanid and priority, so the packets from CPE need to carry correct  vlanid and  priority(packets with “vlan 502 priority 0” or with “vlan 502 priority 5” or with “vlan 85 priority 4”). If CPE sent packets  without vlan and priority, the packets will be discarded by ONT.

Please follow the principle each priority will be mapping to different gem when you using priority/vlan-priority mode in line-profile.

For IGMP DSCP value, you must need to know which DSCP value the CPE will carry, don’t refer the RFC. Mostly different CPE may will carry different DSCP value on IGMP packet. And usually this should be configurable.  According your previous mail if IGMP carry DSCP 48(CS6), it will be mapped to GEM2 based on your configuration, same GEM with VOICE service. Suggest you configure Voice with other DSCP value if can not change IGMP DSCP. Or suggest you don’t use DSCP to P-bit mapping function on ONT, just ask CPE carry different priority with different service.