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Policy-based Routing Does Not Take Effect in Dual-Egress Networking

Publication Date:  2019-01-24 Views:  178 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

usg5150 v100r005c00spc500

The customer's internal network has two network segments ( and China Telecom ( and China Netcom ( Policy-based routing and default routes are used. After policy-based routing is configured, the network segment still uses the default route.

Handling Process

The configuration is as follows:

acl number 3030

rule 5 permit ip source 0


policy-based-route aa permit node 5

if-match acl 3030

apply ip-address next-hop


interface Vlanif10

ip address

ip policy-based-route aa


It is found that policy-based routing does not apply to

[USG5100]dis firewall session table verbose source inside

17:04:00 2013/03/29

Current Total Sessions : 34

dns VPN:public --> public

Zone: trust--> untrust TTL: 00:02:00 Left: 00:00:17

Interface: GigabitEthernet0/0/0 NextHop: MAC: 28-6e-d4-46-9e-52

<--packets:1 bytes:88 -->packets:1 bytes:72[]-->


This command output indicates that policy-based routing has forwarding data.

[USG5100]dis ip policy-based-route statistics interface Vlanif 10

17:01:53 2013/03/29

Interface Vlanif10 policy based routing information:

policy-based-route: aa

permit node 5

apply ip-address next-hop

Denied: 0,

Forwarded: 249

Total denied: 0, forwarded: 249



Delete the configuration:

undo ip-link 3 destination mode icmp


Run this command to view the result:

[USG5100]dis firewall session table verbose source inside

17:08:27 2013/03/29

Current Total Sessions : 21

http VPN:public --> public

Zone: trust--> unstrust2 TTL: 00:00:05 Left: 00:00:03

Interface: GigabitEthernet0/0/2 NextHop: MAC: 00-16-4d-26-e7-26

<--packets:0 bytes:0 -->packets:2 bytes:104[]-->

Root Cause

The configuration is incorrect.


In V100R005, policy-based routing is automatically associated with IP-link. Pay attention to this point during configuration.