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When Server Mapping Is Configured on the AR2200 Running V200R007C00SPCb00, a Message Is Displayed, Indicating that the Port Is Occupied

Publication Date:  2019-04-16 Views:  201 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

The AR2200 is deployed at the edge of the network and accesses the Internet in static IP address mode. When server mapping is configured on the device, a message is displayed, indicating that the port is occupied. If another port is used, no error is reported

Alarm Information

[Huawei]int g0/0/4

[Huawei-GigabitEthernet0/0/4]nat ser protcp glo curr 10001 in 10001
Error: The port is already in use, please use the other free ports.

Handling Process

1. Check the configurations.

Check the configurations on the public network interface.
interface GigabitEthernet0/0/4
tcpadjust-mss 1200
ip address x.x.x.x

nat server protocol tcp global current-interface 8001 inside 8001
nat server protocol tcp global current-interface 8002 inside 8002

nat server protocol tcp global current-interface 8091 inside 8091

nat server protocol tcp global current-interface 5800 inside 5800

nat outbound 2999

There is no configuration related to port 10001, and the nat server command is not configured on the other ports.

2. Check the port that is in use.

Run the display network status all command to check the TCP and UDP ports that are in use.

[Huawei]display network status all
Proto Task/SockId Local Addr&Port          Foreign Addr&Port        State

TCP  _S0f/1                     Listening
TCP  WebT/1                     Listening
TCP  WebT/3                    Listening

TCP  OSPM/1                   Listening

TCP  _S0f/11        Established

TCP  WebT/0       Time_Wait

TCP  WebT/254       Established

UDP  DNSE/3     

UDP  DHCP/1     

UDP  NTPT/2    


UDP6 NTPT/1      ::->123                  ::->0

UDP6 DNSE/4      ::->53                   ::->0

UDP6 DHCP/2      ::->547                  ::->0


Port 10001 is not used.

3. Run the display adp-ipv4 port-info command to check information about the port that is in use.
[Huawei-diagnose]display adp-ipv4 port-info


Port          Module           Counter


 23            VRP              2
 53            VRP              2
 67            VRP              1
80            VRP              1
123           VRP              2
443           VRP              3
 547           VRP              1
5800          STATIC_NAT       1

8001          STATIC_NAT       1 

8002          STATIC_NAT       1

8091          STATIC_NAT       1 
9200          VRP              1 
10001         SVPN             1  
65235         VRP              1 
65535         VRP              1



It is found that port 10001 is occupied by the SVPN.

Root Cause

The SVPN uses port 10001, which is reserved and cannot be changed.


Use another port. The fault is rectified.