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Some Cameras Cannot Be Displayed on the VCM UI

Publication Date:  2019-04-20 Views:  128 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

The ArcGIS releases camera layers in static mode. After the VCM is connected to the VCN and ArcGIS, some cameras are not displayed on the VCM.


1. The basic city layer and camera layer are released through the ArcGIS and are invoked during VCM interconnection. See the following figure.
Base city layer

Camera layer

2. After the VCM is interconnected with the ArcGIS, the camera information displayed on the map is as follows:
Admin user interface

Common user interface

The 10_175_198_227 camera is not displayed on the map. However, when it is selected in the camera list on the left, it is highlighted on the map. (The highlight indicates that the camera information is found based on the Gauss database information.)
3. View the commissioning information on the common user interface.
Press F12. The following information is displayed:

The commissioning information is as follows: ({"displayFieldName":"CAMERA_NO","fieldAliases":{"MC": "Camera name ","CAMERA_NO": "Camera ID ","CAMERA_TYPE": "Camera type ","CAMERA_STATE": "Camera status ","LONGITUDE": "Longitude ","LATITUDE": "Latitude ","CAMERA_USER": "Camera usage ","CAMERA_DIRECTION": "Camera orientation "},"geometryType":"esriGeometryPoint","spatialReference":{"wkid":4326,"latestWkid":4326},"fields":[{"name":"MC","type":"esriFieldTypeString","alias": "Camera name ","length":256},{"name":"CAMERA_NO","type":"esriFieldTypeString","alias": "Camera ID ","length":256},{"name":"CAMERA_TYPE","type":"esriFieldTypeSmallInteger","alias": "Camera type "},{"name":"CAMERA_STATE","type":"esriFieldTypeString","alias": "Camera status ","length":20},{"name":"LONGITUDE","type":"esriFieldTypeString","alias": "Longitude ","length":20},{"name":"LATITUDE","type":"esriFieldTypeString","alias": "Latitude ","length":20},{"name":"CAMERA_USER","type":"esriFieldTypeSmallInteger","alias": "Camera usage "},{"name":"CAMERA_DIRECTION","type":"esriFieldTypeString","alias": "Camera orientation ","length":20}],"features":[{"attributes":{"MC":"10_175_198_228","CAMERA_NO":"04472000000000000101#f5057d25453e41118773925a88ee08b2","CAMERA_TYPE":3,"CAMERA_STATE":"1","LONGITUDE":"117.273191","LATITUDE":"31.873072","CAMERA_USER":2,"CAMERA_DIRECTION":null},"geometry":{"x":117.2731706620001,"y":31.873051770000075}},{"attributes":{"MC":"10_175_198_229","CAMERA_NO":"06621170000000000101#f5057d25453e41118773925a88ee08b2","CAMERA_TYPE":2,"CAMERA_STATE":"1","LONGITUDE":"117.268108","LATITUDE":"31.873510","CAMERA_USER":2,"CAMERA_DIRECTION":null},"geometry":{"x":117.26815687700002,"y":31.873474774000044}},{"attributes":{"MC":"10_175_198_84","CAMERA_NO":"08549450000000000101#f5057d25453e41118773925a88ee08b2","CAMERA_TYPE":1,"CAMERA_STATE":"1","LONGITUDE":"117.277512","LATITUDE":"31.872558","CAMERA_USER":2,"CAMERA_DIRECTION":null},"geometry":{"x":117.27753585700009,"y":31.872566569000071}},{"attributes":{"MC":"10_175_198_97","CAMERA_NO":"07918830000000000101#f5057d25453e41118773925a88ee08b2","CAMERA_TYPE":2,"CAMERA_STATE":"1","LONGITUDE":"117.272810","LATITUDE":"31.871150","CAMERA_USER":2,"CAMERA_DIRECTION":null},"geometry":{"x":117.27281049300007,"y":31.871156399000029}}]});
The commissioning information shows that there are only four cameras on the user interface.
4. The procedure for checking the cameras of a common user is as follows:
The map data released by the ArcGIS in the static mode does not involve the Oracle database. Therefore, the camera synchronized from the VCN is associated with the camera released by the ArcGIS through the GaussDB of the VCM. The information added to the GaussDB must be the same as the data filled in the ArcGIS camera layer.
All released cameras are displayed on the map on the Admin user interface, and associated with the cameras synchronized from the VCN. The Camera NO. and longitude and latitude are correct. The reason why some cameras cannot be viewed on the common user interface may be related to other parameters.
After comparison, it is found that ORG_ID of the camera 10_175_198_227 that cannot be displayed on the map on the common user interface is NULL, and that of other cameras is 1. Check the GaussDB. It is found that ORG_ID of camera 10_175_198_227 is 1.
The information in the GaussDB is as follows:

5. Modify the value of ORG_ID of the camera in the ArcGIS camera layer and release the service again. Log in to the VCM again as the administrator and the common user. Camera 227 can be viewed. The fault is rectified.

In the camera layer released by the ArcGIS, the information of all cameras must be consistent with that in the Gauss.