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PPPoE Dialup Fails on an ME60

Publication Date:  2019-05-13  |   Views:  225  |   Downloads:  0  |   Document ID:  EKB1100015040


Issue Description

When a new service is added to an ME60, PPPoE dialup fails, but the original PPPoE users on the ME60 function properly. The configuration of the new interface is confirmed to be the same as that of the original service interface. The key configuration of the PPPoE user access interface is as follows:

interface GigabitEthernet2/1/3.2629
 pppoe-server bind Virtual-Template 1
 description PPPOE_AoLin_OLT_XX.XX.XX.XX
 user-vlan 1000 4000 qinq 2629
  access-type layer2-subscriber default-domain authentication pppoe
  access-limit 2 start-vlan 1000 end-vlan 4000 qinq 2629

Handling Process

1. Collect the configuration file on the live network. Check that the configuration of the new interface is confirmed to be the same as that of the original service interface.

2. On the ME60, trace terminal access.

[LN-ME60]trace enable
[LN-ME60]trace access-user object 1 mac-add 2089-842E interface GigabitEthernet 2/1/3.2629

The tracing information shows that the PPPoE session stage is not complete and packet exchanges exist. After the ME60 receives a PADI packet from the client, the ME60 replies with a PADO packet. The client then initiates a PADR packet request again. After that, no PADS packets are sent. Instead, error information is printed as follows.

Mar  4 2017 11:35:19.690.2 LN-ME60 BTRC/7/BTRC_TraceInfo:[objectID=1][slotID=2][PPPOE][user info:
  MAC Address    : 2089-842E-XXXX
  Interface      : GigabitEthernet2/1/3.2629
  PE VLAN ID     : 2629
  CE VLAN ID     : 1001
  Access Mode    : PPPoE ]
[trace info: Find PPPoE item, but PortIndex or VLANID is invalid, discard this item]

3. Check that the inner VLAN 1001 of the user is within the configuration scope and the outer VLAN 2629.

4. Use the MAC address to check the user. It is found that the MAC address has been used for user login.

<LN-ME60-6>dis access-user mac-address  2089-842E-XXXX

User access index                : 230497
State                    : Used
User name                    : lnXXXX
Domain name                  : pppoe
User backup state                : No
RUI user state                  : -
User access interface                : Eth-Trunk1.2621
User access physical interface             :GigabitEthernet2/0/0
User access PeVlan/CeVlan              : 2621/1014
User access slot                    : 2
User MAC                    : 2089-842e-XXXX
It can be confirmed that the user's MAC address is already online and resides on interface 2/0/0. The inner label is 1014 and the outer label is 2621, which is inconsistent with the VLAN information and information about the interface from where the new user goes online. Therefore, the user fails to go online, and a tracing error is displayed.

5. Perform a test after the user is logged out from the ME60. The test succeeds.

Root Cause

When a user (MAC XX-XX-XX) already exists on the ME60 and another user (XX-XX-XX) wants to go online but the interface and VLAN information of the new user is different from that of the existing online user, packets are discarded. This problem occurs if the MAC address is cloned.


Check whether a user with the same MAC address has already gone online from the ME60. If so, log out this user and then try again.