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How Do I Load an LSISAS3508 RAID Controller Card Driver in an Ubuntu 16.04 Server?

Publication Date:  2019-05-16  |   Views:  998  |   Downloads:  2  |   Author:  jWX585327  |   Document ID:  EKB1100015477


Issue Description

How do I load an LSISAS3508 RAID controller card driver in an Ubuntu 16.04 server?


Obtain the LSISAS3508 RAID controller card driver.

Download a driver package ofFussionServer iDriver, obtain a.debfile, and obtain a driver file of a corresponding kernel version.

Perform the following steps to obtain a driver package for an Ubuntu 16.04.5 server

1. Click the following link and download a driver package of FussionServer iDriver.

2. Decompress the driver package and find an onboard_driver_ubuntu16.04.5.iso file to obtain a .deb package

3. Extract files using 7-Zip tool from the.debpackage and obtain thedata.tarfile.

4. Check the system kernel version and access the corresponding directory in thedata.tarfile.

       Run theuname –rcommand to check the kernel version.

5. Obtain themegaraid_sas.ko.newdriver file in the corresponding directory.

6. Pack this driver file into an.isofile or copy it to a USB flash drive. If you choose to former one, you need to perform the following steps to load the driver:

    mount the.isofile to a virtual DVD-ROM drive.

  Restart the system. When the following window is displayed during the power on self-test (POST), pressF11and a dialog box is displayed. Enter the password.

On theBoot Managerwindow, select theVirtual DVD-ROM VM 1.1.0and pressEnter.

SelectInstall Ubuntu Serverand pressEnter.

The following window is displayed when you access the OS installation disk.

PressCtrl+Alt+F2to go to the command line interface (CLI) to check the disk information. If a message that "No such file or directory" is displayed, you need to perform the next step.

Mount the driver file of the LSISAS3508 RAID controller card to a virtual DVD-ROM drive and run theumount /dev/sr0command. The.isofile is displayed.

(1)   Mount this.isofile by performing the following steps.

(8.1) Decompress this driver file in an OS of another server to obtain a.ko.

Run thear –x megaraid_sas_07.703.05.00-1-ubuntu16.04_x86_64command.

Run thexz –d data.tar.xzcommand.

Run thetar –xf data.tarcommand.

Run thecd /lib/modules/3.10.0-123.e17.x86_64/kernel/drivers/scsi/megaraidcommand and obtain the.kofile.

Export the.kofile.

(8.2) Load the dependency file of the LSISAS3508 RAID controller card, and then load the card driver until you find the hard disk.

Run themkdir 3508command.

Run thecp /mnt/* /3508command.

Run themodprobe scsi_transport_sascommand.

Run themodprobe raid_classcommand.

Run themodprobe configfscommand.

Run theinsmod /3508/megarai_sas.kocommand.Run thels /dev/sd*command.

Run theumount /dev/sr0command to unmount the.isofile. Load the.isofile and run themount /dev/sr0 /cdromcommand.

PressCtrl +Alt+F1to return to the graphical installation window to continue the installation.

ChooseDetect disks.

The system can identify hard disks and partitions as shown in the following figure.

Continue to install the OS. When the following window is displayed during the installation, do not clickContinue. PressCtrl+Alt+F2command to go to the CLI mode.

Run the following commands in sequence:

cp /3508/* /target/root/

chroot /target


dpkg –i /root/ megaraid_sas_07.703.05.00-1-ubuntu16.04_x86.deb

PressCtrl+Alt+F1to return to the graphical installation window and clickContinueto complete the OS installation.