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Load Balancing Fails on the Two GE Interfaces on an NE80E.

Publication Date:  2013-01-07 Views:  64 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Version: NE80E-VRP5.10-12002R.02

Networking: Tester——NE80E_A——(2GE)——NE80E_B

There are two equal-cost routes destined for the loopback0 interface on NE80E_B. When the tester sends traffic to the loopback0 interface on NE80E_B, only one of the GE interfaces on NE80E_A forwards traffic. There are not packets transmitted on the other GE interface on NE80E_A.


Handling Process

NE80Es perform load balancing in either of the following modes:

IP packets are forwarded in per-session load balancing mode: The packets are load balanced using a hash algorithm with the quintuple information as the hash key. The quintuple information includes the protocol type, the source and destination IP addresses, and the source and destination port numbers. The packets are forwarded on a link that is selected based on the hashed result. When the quintuple information remains unchanged, the packets are forwarded on the same link.

IP packets are forwarded in per-packet load balancing mode: An NE80E sends a packet destined for a specific IP address over the first path and sends another packet destined for the same IP address over the second path.

The Huawei technical support personnel run the discu command on the NE80E and find that the default configurations are used on the NE80E. The default configurations are as follows.


 load-balance packet  slot 0

 load-balance packet  slot 1

 load-balance packet  slot 2


The command output shows that the packets are forwarded in per-packet load balancing mode. However, if per-packet load balancing mode is performed, both GE interfaces must forward traffic. Based on the further analysis, NE80Es-VRP5.10-12002R.02 do not support the load-balance command. By default, NE80Es-VRP5.10-12002R.02 perform per-session load balancing. The configuration of the load-balance command on the NE80E is invalid.

Root Cause

The version is not support load-balance packet.


Configure loopback1 on NE80E_B and use the tester to send traffic to interfaces loopback0 and loopback1. This way changes the destination IP address in the quintuple information, which changes the hashed result. Therefore, the packets can be load balanced on the two GE interfaces.

By default, NE80Es-VRP5.10-12002R.02 perform per-session load balancing.