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How to upgrade NE40E when there is insufficient free space on CF-card

Publication Date:  2013-04-04 Views:  72 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Customer’s main CF-card has capacity of 512 MB. And he wants to upgrade from version V300R003C02B697 to V600R003C00SPCa00, which size is 370 MB while free space on CF-card is only 306 MB.

dir cfcard:/
Directory of cfcard:/
  Idx  Attr     Size(Byte)  Date        Time      FileName
    0  -rw-         13,003  Apr 03 2009 11:20:54  license.txt
    1  -rw-         66,791  Apr 03 2009 11:20:54  paf.txt
    2  -rw-    166,034,360  Apr 23 2009 22:51:24
    3  -rw-            860  Sep 24 2012 08:33:02  $_patchstate_a
    4  -rw-        524,277  Sep 24 2012 08:54:54  private-data.txt
    5  -rw-            624  Sep 21 2012 00:58:48  patchnpstate.dat
    6  -rw-          1,376  Sep 24 2012 08:50:12
    7  -rw-          1,784  Aug 04 2009 10:22:40  on1033356.dat
    8  -rw-        164,828  Sep 03 2012 09:11:38  patchhistory
    9  -rw-          1,784  Oct 19 2009 09:35:50  on1039455.dat
   10  -rw-          1,690  Dec 28 2009 15:39:12  licne80e.dat
   11  -rw-      9,921,286  Sep 03 2012 09:04:02  ne40ev300r003c00sph063.pat
   12  -rw-            860  Sep 24 2012 09:01:48  $_patchstate_b
   13  -rw-     19,764,692  Sep 03 2012 14:52:14
   14  -rw-        736,718  Sep 05 2012 09:45:00  ne40edispdiag.txt
   15  -rw-            860  Sep 05 2012 09:17:50  $_patchstate_a.backup
   16  -rw-            860  Sep 05 2012 08:33:06  $_patchstate_b.backup
498,680 KB total (305,952 KB free)
<Bender>dir cfcard2:/
Directory of cfcard2:/
  Idx  Attr     Size(Byte)  Date        Time      FileName
    0  drw-              -  Sep 21 2012 06:20:46  log
    1  -rw-              4  Sep 24 2012 08:52:00  snmpnotilog.txt
500,184 KB total (433,328 KB free)

Handling Process

In such case it is recommended to use trans-software.  The size of this package is 250 MB and we can put it into free space of CF-card.

The Upgrade process is following:

1. Upload to all CF-cards:

Each card must contain this file.

2. Then upgrade device as usual according Upgrade Guide by commands:
startup system-software
startup system-software slave-board
Then reboot device

3. After rebooting you will have version V600R003C00SPCa00 but software file is

4. Run commands

syn-system-software cfcard2: /
syn-system-software cfcard2: / slave-board
It will switch your active software package from cfcard:/ to cfcard2:/

5. After that operations delete old software package ( and from cfcard:/ on both master and slave MPU by commands:
delete /unreserved
delete /unreserved
delete /unreserved slave#cfcard:/
delete /unreserved slave#cfcard:/
Now enough free space is available on main CF-cards of both MPUs.

*If you did not do previous step (syn-system-software) the following message will be shown:
Error: cfcard:/ cannot be deleted, because it may be a system file.

6. Upload target version of software to cfcard:/ and slave#cfcard:/ using Gigabit Ethernet 0/0/0 interface  and implement upgrade as usual.

7. After rebooting you will have full version V600R003C00SPCa00

8. Finally delete from cfcard2:/  on both Master and Slave MPU
delete /unreserved cfcard2:/
delete /unreserved slave#cfcard2:/

Root Cause
Actually we advise to replace CF-cards by new ones whtch have larger capacity to avoid such problem in future. But trans-software can be used as solution.

If the trans-software is also too big, you must change the CFcard.
1、Power off the slave MPU and Plug out it, and Plug out the cfcard. Do not mistake CFcard and CFcard2.CFcard2 is in the top of the board, but CFcard is in the inside of the board.
2、copy the software、configuration file、license、patch e.t.then put the new software in the cfcard.
3、Plug in the MPU, after register,slave switchover,and once again for the new slave MPU.