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DL PIR Delivered by a RADIUS Server Through COA Did Not Take Effect

Publication Date:  2013-09-25 Views:  204 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Version: ME60 V600R002C02SPC700
Networking: user ---- ME60 ---- RADIUS server
After an operator delivered the "cir(HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate(Huawei-5))" and "pir(HW-Output-Peak-Information-Rate(Huawei-6))" attribute to a PPP user through COA, the attribute did not take effect.
User information:
User account: 02801351260
PC MAC: 00-22-68-19-84-11
Problem symptom:
At the beginning, the actual CIR/PIR of the user was 4 Mbit/s.
  Outbound cir                  : 4195(kbps)
  Outbound pir                  : 4195(kbps)
After the CIR/PIR was increased from 4 Mbit/s to 8 Mbit/s, the actual CIR/PIR was 8 Mbit/s.
   Outbound cir                  : 8389(kbps)
  Outbound pir                  : 8389(kbps)
After the CIR/PIR was decreased from 8 Mbit/s to 4 Mbit/s, the actual CIR/PIR was as follows:
  Outbound cir                  : 4195(kbps)
  Outbound pir                  : 8389(kbps)
The actual PIR remained 8395. The rate reduction was ineffective.

Handling Process

Possible causes include:
a. The RADIUS server failed to deliver the attribute.
b. Attribute configuration was disabled in the RADIUS template on the ME60.
c. No server group was specified for the RADIUS server.

Huawei completed the following steps to diagnose the problem:

1. Queried the configurations of the RADIUS server group template.
radius-server group test
 radius-server authentication 1812 weight 0
 radius-server accounting 1813 weight 0
 radius-server shared-key itellin
 radius-server timeout 10
 radius-server attribute translate
 undo radius-server user-name domain-included
 radius-server traffic-unit kbyte

Attribute translation (radius-server attribute translate) was enabled and attribute configuration (radius-attribute disable HW-Output-Peak-Information-Rate receive) was enabled in the template.

2. Opened the RADIUS debug switch in the user view.
In this view, packets transmitted between the user and the RADIUS server when the user was going online and when the user was online were displayed.
<BSRTRM01>debugging radius packet
Jan  7 2013 14:22:28.250.1 SCCD-CDZ-HW-ME60-B1 RDS/7/DEBUG:

  Radius Received a Packet
  Server Template: 0   ---
Template ID used when configurations are delivered through COA
  Server IP   :
  Server Port :
  NAS Port    :
  Code    : coa request  ---
Delivery through COA
  Len     :
  ID      :
  [User-Name(1)                       ] [13] [02801351260]
  [Framed-IP-Address(8)               ] [6 ] []
  [Acct-Session-Id(44)                ] [35] [SCCD-CD012010995000039ebe85133327]
  [HW-Input-Peak-Information-Rate(Huawei-3)] [6 ] [1048576]
  [HW-Output-Committed-Information-Rate(Huawei-5)] [6 ] [4194304] 
  [HW-Output-Peak-Information-Rate(Huawei-6)] [6 ] [4194304] ---
The attribute was properly delivered.
  [Unknown-attr(3902-83)              ] [6 ] [00001000]
  [Unknown-attr(3902-89)              ] [6 ] [00000400]
  [HW-Input-Committed-Information-Rate(Huawei-2)] [6 ] [1048576]

3. Viewed trace information.
[trace info:

  Radius Sent a Packet
  Server Template: 3   ---
Template ID used in a billing request
  Server IP   :
  NAS Port    :
  Code    :
Account request
  Len     :
  ID      :
  [User-Name(1)                       ] [13] [02801351260]
  [NAS-Port(5)                        ] [6 ] [18878467]
  [NAS-IP-Address(4)                  ] [6 ] []
  [Framed-IP-Address(8)               ] [6 ] []
  [NAS-Identifier(32)                 ] [21] [SCCD-CDZ-HW-ME60-B1]
The server template in debugging information and that in trace information differed.
4. Checked authorization configurations of the RADIUS server.
radius-server authorization shared-key itellin

The server group was not specified for the RADIUS server. Therefore, template 0 became effective. In template 0, the PIR attribute (HW-Output-Peak-Information-Rate attribute) was disabled. After a CIR/PIR change request was delivered through COA, the PIR attribute configuration did not take effect.
radius-server group itellin
 radius-server authentication 1812 weight 0
 radius-server accounting 1813 weight 0
 radius-server shared-key itellin
 radius-server timeout 10
  radius-server attribute translate  ---
Attribute translation

 undo radius-server user-name domain-included
 radius-server traffic-unit kbyte
 radius-attribute disable HW-Input-Peak-Information-Rate receive
  radius-attribute disable HW-Output-Peak-Information-Rate receive –
Attribute disabled

After a rate increase request was delivered through COA, CIR was increased to 8 Mbit/s. PIR was expected to remain the same. However, the actual PIR also increased to 8 Mbit/s, because the NE required that PIR be equal to or larger than CIR.
After a rate decrease request was delivered, only CIR was updated.

Root Cause

No server group was specified for the RADIUS server.


Rectify RADIUS template configurations.


If no server group is specified for the RADIUS server, template 0 is used by default, that is, the RADIUS template used for online users is not used. As a result, attribute configurations may not take effect. It is recommended to specify the name of the desired RADIUS template when configuring authorization for the server.