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Labels Were Not Properly Allocated and Services Were Interrupted Because the Number of Routes Exceeded Threshold of V6R3

Publication Date:  2013-09-25 Views:  67 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Operator S replaced peer vendor's equipment with Huawei's equipment. After a service cutover, some L3VPN services were interrupted. The peer vendor's PE can be pinged from Huawei's NE40E PE through a private network route, whereas another Huawei's NE40E failed to be pinged.
Version information:

Handling Process

Huawei completed the following steps to diagnose the problem:

1. Logged in to 715-AGG. Host routes with a 32-bit mask on the public network were LDP OVER TE routes.
[PE-AggX16-Fays-715-1]disp fib
Route Flags:
G - Gateway Route, H - Host Route,    U - Up Route
             S - Static Route,  D - Dynamic Route, B - Black Hole Route
 FIB Table:
 Total number of Routes :
Destination/Mask   Nexthop         Flag TimeStamp     Interface       TunnelID  DGHUT t[2887030]    Tun0/0/1000     0x3550  DGHUT t[2887030]    Tun0/0/2000     0x3552  DGHUT t[2883892]    Tun0/0/1000     0x2bea  DGHUT t[2883892]    Tun0/0/2000     0x353a

2. Checked logs. BGP route flap occurred.
Mar 23 2012 21:31:14.310.8+03:00 PE-AggX16-Fays-715-1 %%01BGP/3/STATE_CHG_UPDOWN(l)[116260]:The status of the peer changed from ESTABLISHED to IDLE. (InstanceName=V1307:Najran-University, StateChangeReason=Socket Read Failed)

Mar 23 2012 21:31:46.310.1+03:00 PE-AggX16-Fays-715-1 %%01BGP/3/STATE_CHG_UPDOWN(l)[116261]:The status of the peer changed from OPENCONFIRM to ESTABLISHED. (InstanceName=V1307:Najran-University, StateChangeReason=Up)

LDP over TE routes failed to be created after the flap. LDP labels were missing in packets that leaved the public network. Regarding the packets only with L3VPN private network labels as invalid, the P node discarded the packets.
Root Cause
Some packets sent to LDP over TE routes were not attached with LDP labels, because the number of such routes exceeded the threshold (1000) for versions earlier than V600R003C00SPC007.
Upgrade the NE to V600R003C00SPC007. For other versions, modify the tunnel policy or cost value.