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LPUA Board Was Reset due to Parity Check Errors Reported by TCAM

Publication Date:  2013-09-26 Views:  90 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Version: VRP5.10-12002T.01
Symptom: An unexpected reset occurred on the LPUA board.

XScale LOG < Slot = 6 , NP = Egress >
MEM Parity Error, level=1, id=123, timeLow=0xa2eaacec, timeHigh=0x000000bd, status1=0x100bd312, status2=0x00130008
Handling Process

To address the problem, Huawei performed the following operations in diagnosis mode:

1. Ran efu np2800 slot <slot-id> ingress|egress display d600002c to check the value of the register d600002c.
In normal case, the value is 010f 002a.

2. Ran efu np2800 slot <slot-id> ingress|egress modify d6000034 000f002a  to clear bits related to SRAM and DRAM interrupts.

3. Ran efu np2800 slot <slot-id> ingress|egress display d600002c again and verified the result.

[2800-NE40E-101-diag-ne5000]efu np2800 sl 4 i disp 600002c                     
d6000020:                                0100 0000     
d6000030:  0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000       

Modification was successful.
Root Cause
The parity check was enabled in the VRP5.10-12002T.01 system package and interrupts (as shown in the preceding error information) were reported upon parity check errors. When the frequency of parity check errors was greater than 16 times per second, the LPUA was reset. According to data captured in the lab, the data itself was correct, and only parity check had errors. Services were not affected.
Run commands in both the ingress and egress directions.