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Rate Limitation on Certain Users Was Ineffective Because an Excessive Number of Users Connected to a Board on ME60

Publication Date:  2013-09-27 Views:  63 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

A DAA policy did not take effect on some users during peak hours. According to trace results, the policy had been delivered to the ME60 through RADIUS, but rate limitation failed.

ME60: V100R006C05SPC600+V100R006C05SPC035
Handling Process

Huawei completed the following steps to diagnose the problem:

1. Checked whether the rate limitation policy was correctly configured for an affected user.

The configurations were correct.


  UserGroup                       : internet

  QOS-profile-name                : default

  UpPriority                      : Unchangeable

  DownPriority                    : Unchangeable

  Up CAR enable                   : No

  Down CAR enable                 : No

  Down GTS enable                 : No

  QOS scheduler mode              : Default


2. Asked the user to go offline and online, and traced whether the attributes were properly delivered.

They were successfully delivered.

 Protocol: Standard

  Code    : Authentication accept

  Len     : 140

  ID      : 85

  [NAS-Port(5)                        ] [6 ] [18888051]

  [NAS-IP-Address(4)                  ] [6 ] []

  [Service-Type(6)                    ] [6 ] [2]

  [Framed-Protocol(7)                 ] [6 ] [1]

  [Calling-Station-Id(31)             ] [19] [00:17:31:c4:71:f8]

  [NAS-Identifier(32)                 ] [10] [rm.bras2]

  [NAS-Port-Type(61)                  ] [6 ] [15]

  [Acct-Session-Id(44)                ] [35] [rm.bras01203069401395518dc9190601]

  [Framed-IP-Address(8)               ] [6 ] []

  [Session-Timeout(27)                ] [6 ] [86400]

  [HW-Policy-Name(Huawei-95)          ] [8 ] [inet3m]


3. Check the configurations on the ME60. It was correctly configured.

4. Logged in to the ME60 remotely and queried information about online users.

I. Issued display max-onlineusers. 21,293 users were online at the busiest time.

II. Issued dis max-onlineusers slot 1. All users were connected to the board in slot 1.

5. Consulted R&D engineers about the rate limitation policy.

The board supported a maximum of 16,000 users. The rate limitation policy cannot take effect for excess users.
Root Cause
The rate limitation policy failed to take effect for excess users.

When troubleshooting rate limitation failures, first check how user rates are limited. If the rate limitation configurations are delivered through RADIUS, check the following:

1. Check attribute configurations.

2. If attributes 26-31 are delivered, check whether qos-profile is consistently configured on the ME60 and the RADIUS server.

3. Check whether any exception occurs on the TM chip.

    a. To check whether error packets exist and are increasing, issue [Quidway-hidecmd]eagfy-debug <slotid> debug-code 45 2 0.

    b. To check whether the TM chip works properly, issue [Quidway-hidecmd]eagfy-debug <slotid> debug-code 45 3 0.

4. If necessary, consult R&D engineers.