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The STB Goes Online Slowly Because the DHCP Through-Packet Function Is Enabled in ME60 V600R005

Publication Date:  2013-09-30 Views:  41 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
After an ME60 is upgraded from V600R002C02SPC700 to V600R005C00SPC600, it takes two to three minutes for an STB to go online when it is turned on immediately after it is turned off.
Handling Process
1. The IP address of an STB is assigned from a remote address pool by a third party DHCP server. The problem occurs after the ME60 is upgraded from V600R002C02SPC700 to V600R005C00SPC600. Therefore, the problem is caused by the features of the new version.
2. It is realized from the customer that the problem always occurs when the STB is turned on immediately after it is turned off. In addition, the offline reason is the ARP detection failure. The ARP detection expires after 150s, the time of which is consistent with that of this problem.
3. In normal conditions, when a user shuts down the STB and then restarts it immediately, the ME60 cannot detect that the user goes offline and retains the user entry. When receiving the DHCPv4 Discover packet that the STB sends after restart, the ME60 forces the user to go offline and waits until the user sends another DHCPv4 Discover packet to obtain the address through DHCPv4. Therefore, the offline reason cannot be ARP detection failure. However, the DHCP through-packet function is enbaled in V600R005. In this way, when the original entry still remains, the ME60 transparently transmits the discover packet to the DHCP server. The DHCP server sends the offer ecapsulated with the original IP address because it detects that the MAC address in the discover packet is still online, and then the ME60 transparently transmits the offer to the terminal device. If the DHCP server does not support the fast restart function and the original IP lease is still valid, the server does not respond to the discover packet. The ME60 must wait until the ARP detection time expires, so that the terminal device can go offline and then online.
4. This fault occurs because the third party DHCP server does not support the fast restart function.
Root Cause
The DHCP through-packet function is enabled in ME60 V600R005.
Run command undo dhcp through-packet to disable the DHCP through-packet function.
Before upgrading, you must know well about the difference between the new version and the original version.