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Abnormal License on ME60 Caused a Failure of Ordering Multicast Programs

Publication Date:  2019-07-04 Views:  142 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

An STB connecting to an ME60 went online properly but failed to order multicast programs in PPPoE mode. A PC connecting to the ME60 accessed the Internet properly but also failed to order multicast programs.

Handling Process

Huawei performed the following operations to address the problem:

1. Pinged the multicast RP and source.

The ping tests succeeded. In addition, the PC could access the Internet properly. Therefore, the problem was not caused by unicast routes.

2. Configured the multicast pre-joining function on the ME60 and ran display pim routing-table/disp multicast routing-table/disp multicast forwarding-table to check table entries and uplink multicast interfaces.

The (*,g)(s,g) table entries were normal and the number of multicast packets increased properly. Checked the pin routes and found that the multicast traffic arrived at the ME60.

 (*,, RP: x.x.189.100

     Protocol: pim-sm, Flag: WC EXT   

     UpTime: 3d:14h 

     Upstream interface: GigabitEthernet1/0/0   

         Upstream neighbor: x.x.189.209, RPF prime neighbor: x.x.189.209 

     Downstream interface(s) information: None

 (x.x.216.67,, RP: x.x.189.100  

     Protocol: pim-sm, Flag: SPT ACT 

     UpTime: 3d:14h 

     Upstream interface: GigabitEthernet1/0/0 

         Upstream neighbor: x.x.189.209, RPF prime neighbor: x.x.189.209  

     Downstream interface(s) information: None 

3. Ran disp igmp interface and debug igmp.

The IGMP packet count under the interface was 0, and no IGMP debugging information was displayed. Multicast services were transparently transmitted properly on the Layer 2 network. Therefore, the problem was not caused by a Layer 2 network fault.

disp igmp interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/1.4                          


   IGMP is enabled                                                              

   Current IGMP version is 2                                                    

   Value of query interval for IGMP(in seconds): 60                             

   Value of other querier timeout for IGMP(in seconds): 121                     

   Value of maximum query response time for IGMP(in seconds): 2                 

   Querier for IGMP: (this router)                                      

   Total 0 IGMP Group reported 

4. Disabled multicast authorization under the interface and ran debug igmp.

The ME60 received IGMP packets from the users and common multicast service become normal.

*0.2332957561 ME60 IGMP/7/IGMP:                                            

(public net): Received v2 report for group on interface GigabitEt


5. Ran disp license and found that the license for the BTV function is no.After a license was applied, the multicast services were normal.

disp license  

 Active License on master board: cfcard:/me60.dat

 License SN:       LIC20091228013F00

 Creator:          Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Created time:     2009-12-28 13:20:58

 Product:          ME60 

 License type:     COMM 

 Expiration time:  9999-12-31

 Function        Enabled        Resource 

 BRAS              Yes             12K 

 HAG               No              - 

 SSG               No              - 

 BTV               No              -  

 VPDN              No              -  

 Firewall          No              - 

Root Cause

The license control item for multicast services was disabled.




1. Most IPTV are deployed with license-controlled multicast services, and the ME60 is configured with a license control item for the multicast services.

2. ME5200G is not configured with any license control item for the multicast services.

3. Get information of packets to check whether IGMP packets are sent to the relevant interface on the ME60 if no IGMP information is found by running debug igmp/disp igmp.