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Bandwidth Delivering Failed Because ME60 Was Case-Insensitive to a RADIUS-Delivered Attribute

Publication Date:  2019-07-04 Views:  156 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

When the RADIUS server delivered the QoS rate limit profile HW-QOS-Profile-Name(Huawei-31) to the ME60 running V600R002C02SPC700, a message indicating that the profile did not exist was displayed, resulting in a bandwidth delivering failure.

Handling Process

Possible causes include:

1. An attribute in the delivered rate limit profile was incorrect.

2. The BAS incorrectly configured the profile in global config mode.

3. The BAS incorrectly identified an attribute.

Huawei performed the following operations to address the problem:

1. Traced the user MAC address on the BAS.

The RADIUS server delivered the profile successfully.

      [Acct-Session-Id(44)                ] [35] [AH-XDL501001001100000a28018002180]
      [HW-QOS-Profile-Name(Huawei-31)     ] [4 ] [5m]]

However, the tracing result indicated that the profile did not exist.

  Dec  4 2012 15:20:38.500.2 AH-XDL5F-BAS-2.ME60 BTRC/7/BTRC_TraceInfo:[objectID=1][slotID=0][AAA][user info:
  MAC Address    : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx 
  IP Address     : x.x.201.42
  Interface      : GigabitEthernet1/0/1.11
  PE VLAN ID     : 11
  USERNAME       : ahnoc_test@ppppoe_test]
[trace info:Coa General Qos profile from Radius does not exist]

2. Got information of packets from the BAS's uplink interface.

The name of the successfully delivered profile was 5M.

4. Checked the QoS configurations on the ME60.

The name of the successfully delivered profile was also 5M.

qos-profile 5M
car cir 5120 cbs 957440 green pass red discard

5. Found that the name of profile delivered by the RADIUS server was upper-case 5M, but the BAS identified it as lower-case 5m.

The problem was resolved after qos-profile 5M was changed to qos-profile 5m in global config mode.

Root Cause

In V1R6:

Qos-profile names are locally saved as lower-case characters. Therefore, the qos-profile names configured on ME60 must be lower-case characters.

In V6R2 and V6R5:

By default, ME60 saves received attributes as lower-case letters. You can configure radius-attribute case-sensitive qos-profile-name so that ME60 is case-sensitive.

The ME60 can configure upper case qos-profile names for the No.17 home user QoS profile HW-Subscriber-QoS-Profile and No.31 attribute HW-QOS-Profile-Name.


1. Configure the attribute configured on the ME60 and RADIUS-delivered attributes consistently.

2. Configure radius-attribute case-sensitive qos-profile-name on ME60 so it is case-sensitive.