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Configurations Under a NAT Instance on ME 60V600R005 Failed to Be Deleted

Publication Date:  2013-09-30 Views:  53 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
When an engineer tried to delete nat outbound  3000  address-group under a NAT instance on an ME60 runningV6R5SPC600SPC900, a message was displayed, indicating that the user was online. The configuration deletion failed.
Handling Process

Huawei performed the following operations to address the problem:

1. Verified that all users under the NAT domain were offline.

         a. Ran display domain to verify that the number of users under the NAT domain was 0.

          b. Ran display  nat  instance  instance-name  field in the hidden view to check whether that g_stNatInstance[0].ulUserNum was 0.

Note: Even after all users were offline, g_stNatInstance[0].ulUserNum might not be 0.

2. Checked whether any count was left.

          a. After all users were offline, g_pstUCLGrp[1].ulUserNum was 0 but g_stNatInstance[0].ulUserNum was not 0

          b. In the scenario in which users were online, if the total number of user groups bound to an instance was less than the NAT instance user count, counts existed. (A maximum of eight user groups can be bound to one NAT instance in different domains).

[GZTR-DTJF-ME60-B1-hidecmd]display nat instance nat444 field
g_stNatInstance[0].szName: nat444
g_stNatInstance[0].ucLicensed: 0
g_stNatInstance[0].ucDefined: 1
g_stNatInstance[0].ucMode: 1
g_stNatInstance[0].ucToCpCause: 0
g_stNatInstance[0].ucRedirectDirection: 0
g_stNatInstance[0].ulRedirectIP: 0
g_stNatInstance[0].ulAspfMap: -1
g_stNatInstance[0].usPortRange: 4096
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_MASTER].ulSlot: 3
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_MASTER].ucCfgFlag: 0
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_MASTER].ucCurFlag: 0
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_MASTER].ucOutTb: 12
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_MASTER].ucOutTp: 15
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_SLAVE].ulSlot: 4
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_SLAVE].ucCfgFlag: 1
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_SLAVE].ucCurFlag: 1
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_SLAVE].ucOutTb: 14
g_stNatInstance[0].stSlot[NAT_SLAVE].ucOutTp: 15
g_stNatInstance[0].stNatLogInfo.ucLogSessionEnable: 1
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[0]: 1
  g_pstUCLGrp[1].szUCLGrpName  :nat444
  g_pstUCLGrp[1].ucInValidFlag :0
  g_pstUCLGrp[1].ulUserNum     :0
  g_pstUCLGrp[1].usRefNum      :1
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[1]: 65535
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[2]: 65535
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[3]: 65535
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[4]: 65535
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[5]: 65535
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[6]: 65535
g_stNatInstance[0].ausUclGroup[7]: 65535
Root Cause
The user count table entries bound to the NAT instance were left.
Install V600R003SPH011 for ME60 V6R5C00SPC600 and V6R5C00SPH012 for ME60 V6R5C00SPC900. Run update { nat | ds-lite } instance instance-name user-statistics in diagnosis mode toclear the online user count.