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DSLAM Connected to an ME60 Failed to Be Managed

Publication Date:  2013-09-30 Views:  136 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Version: V600R003C05SPC300

Networking: DSLAM ------ ME60

Symptom: A static user was configured on an ME60 to manage a connected DSLAM. DSLAM services were normal but the DSLAM failed to be managed.

Handling Process

Possible causes include:

1. The static user configurations were incorrect.

2. The link between the ME60 and the DSLAM was faulty.

Huawei performed the following operations to address the problem:

1. Checked the reason that the DSLAM-mapping static user failed to go online.
The cause was "Mismatch Vpn-Instance".

[BT-ML-BAS-1.MAN]dis aaa on mac-address  0018-82e9-831c
  User name          : BT-ML-BAS-1.MAN-05203298100576@manager
  User MAC           : 0018-82e9-831c
  User access type   : IPoE
  User access interface : Eth-Trunk3.1981
  Qinq Vlan/User Vlan: 2981/576
  User IP address    :
  User ID            : 11416
  User authen state  : Authened
  User acct state    : AcctIdle
  User author state  : AuthorIdle
  User acct sessionID: BT-ML-B05203298100576d8ae6611416
  User login time    : 2013/05/28 08:57:56
  User online fail reason: Mismatch Vpn-Instance

2. Checked the static user configurations.

In global config mode:

static-user  interface Eth-Trunk3.1981 vlan 576 qinq 2981 detect domain-name manager

Under the domain view:

domain  manager
authentication-scheme   none
accounting-scheme   none
vpn-instance  CTVPN3200000-JHJGL
ip-pool wangguan
ip-pool wangguan-1                      
 ip-pool wangguan-2
ip-pool pool-1
ip-pool pool-2
ip-pool pool-3
ip-pool pool-4
ip-pool pool-5
ip-pool pool-6
ip-pool manager-1
ip-pool pool-7

In the address pool view:

ip pool wangguan-1 local
section 0
dns-server secondary

In the interface view:

interface Eth-Trunk3.1981                
 description To-GuYang-MA5600
 user-vlan 576 qinq-vlan 2981
  access-type layer2-subscriber  default-domain  authentication manager
  authentication-method  bind

No VPN was configured for the static user but a VPN was configured under the domain. As a result, the static user failed to go on because of VPN mismatch. After the VPN configuration under the domain was deleted, the static user went online successfully and was able to manage the DSLAM.

Root Cause

A VPN was falsely configured under the domain.


Delete the VPN configuration under the domain.


Configure the static user, domain, address pool, and interface consistently in regard to VPN configurations.