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A PPPoE User with the Same MAC As an IPoE User And Using PPP Web Authentication Failed to Go Online

Publication Date:  2013-10-08 Views:  82 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
A PPPoE user connected to ME60 configured with hot standby failed to go online when PPP web authentication and RUI-SLAVE-pool based address allocation were used. A 691 error was reported. The cause for the online failure was "CM with IP address alloc fail".
Handling Process

Possible causes include:

a. The address pool was full.

b. An exception occurred during address allocation.


Huawei completed the following steps to diagnose the problem:

1. Checked the address pool. Many addresses were unused.

[SNXA-MC-BAS-RT01-4XGXXBAS-aaa]dis ip poo na  pppoe.07.hb

  Pool-Name      : pppoe.07.hb

  Pool-No        : 8

  Lease          : 3 Days 0 Hours 0 Minutes

  NetBois Type   : N-Node

  DNS-Suffix     : -


  DNS1         :  

  DNS2           :  

  Position       : RUI-Slave       Status           : Unlocked

  Gateway        :     Mask             :

  Vpn instance   : --

  Profile-Name   : -               Server-Name      : -

  Total Idle     : 1016            Have Dhcp IP     : 1              

  Remote DhcpFull: 0               Remote PPPFull   : 0              

  Timeout Count  : 0              

  Codes: CFLCT(conflicted)


  ID           start             end total  used  idle CFLCT disable reserved static-bind


   0  1021     5  1016     0       0        0           0



2. Traced user information. The PPP web authentication method was used. Because an IP address had been allocated for an IPoE user with the same MAC address as the PPPoE user, the latter's request for an IP address failed.

  User name          : SNXA-MC-BAS-RT01--01211100801268@pppoe.d02.hb

  Domain name        : pppoe.d02.hb

  User MAC           : 001e-ecad-3d66

  User access type   : IPoE

  User access interface: Eth-Trunk11.2000

  User access PeVlan/CeVlan    : 1008/1268

  User IP address    :                      ---An IPOE user with the same MAC address ws already online.

  User IPv6 address  : -

  User ID            : 198608

  User authen state  : Authened

  User acct state    : AcctReady

  User author state  : AuthorIdle

  User login time    : 2012-06-05 13:41:03

  User offline time  : 2012-06-05 15:53:03

  User offline reason: ARP with detect fail


To be specific, when the PPPoE user dialed up, ME60-1 allocated an IP address of to the user, which already existed.

Jun 5 2012 14:38:42.310 SNXA-MC-BAS-RT01-4XGXXBAS BTRC_DebugInfo: [objectID=1][slotID=0][DHCPACC]

[user info:

  MAC Address    : 001E-ECAD-3D66

  IP Address     :

  Interface      : Eth-Trunk11.2000

  PE VLAN ID     : 1008

  CE VLAN ID     : 1268

  Access Mode    : IPoE ]

[trace info:

 Dhcpacc receive a packet.

 DHCPACC proc a OFFER pkt

 Giaddr:0A342C01 Yiaddr:0A342EB0

 DhcpaccIndex:205398, DhcpaIndex:4294967295, cib:198608, state:8(DHCPACC_WORKING), DownReason:255]  

Root Cause
An IPoE user with the same MAC address as the PPPoE user had been allocated an IP address.
Run mac-user ppp-preferred in the AAA view, so the IPoE user was forced offline.
Run the preceding command beforehand to prevent this problem in a similar scenario.