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Memory Leak Occurred Due to No Release of Memory Resources Requested by TDM PW Measurement Tasks

Publication Date:  2013-10-08 Views:  79 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

NE40E&80E&CX600: V6R3C00SPC300, V6R3C00SPC900, and V6R3C00SPCa00

A protection switching occurred between NEs and neighbor connections of all protocols were interrupted.
Handling Process

Huawei completed the following steps to diagnose the problem:

1. Queried the cause for the protection switching. The cause was no memory.

[RB-CX8-02-hidecmd]dis mpu-switch-cause

 SlotNo      Date       Time    Cause                       Result            


       2012/12/07  16:35:37  VRP Master No Memory        Success 


2. Queried stdout-buffer data. Memory utilization reached 90%, which triggered the protection switching. 

3. Collected data about the simple memory. Utilization increased dramatically in the 232-byte area.

4. Confirmed that memory resources were not released due to a processing defect related to the hwPWVcTDMPerfCurrentEntry mib node.

5. Issued the following command in the user view. LDP VLL services in TDM mode were configured.

< RB-CX8-02>display  l2vpn  ccc-interface vc-type ldp-vc

Total ccc-interface of LDP VC: 2

up (0), down (2)

Interface                         Encap Type              State       VC Type

Trunk-Serial1/1:0                  satop-e1                 down      ldp-vc

Trunk-Serial2/2:0                  satop-e1                 down      ldp-vc

Note: If Encap Type takes any of the following values, this problem may occur:

satop-e1, satop-t1, satop-e3, satop-t3, cesopsn-basic, dmoip-aal1, cesopsn-tdm, tdmoip-aal2
Root Cause
The memory resources requested by periodic TDM PW measurement tasks were not released, causing a memory leak.

Upgrade NE40E&80E&CX600 V6R3C00SPC900 or V6R3C00SPCa00 to V6R3C00SPC015 or later patches.

Upgrade NE40E&80E&CX600 V6R3C00SPC300 to a later version.

If encountering a similar problem, perform the following operations:

1. Issue display memory simple in the hidden view to check whether utilization increases dramatically and is high in the 232-byte memory area.

2. Issue display  l2vpn ccc-interface vc-type ldp-vc to check whether LDP VLL services in TDM mode exist.