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Config is not saved on slave card because software bug

Publication Date:  2013-10-31 Views:  61 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Configuration is not saved on slave MPU. But it has free space on flash                                                                                            
The current configuration will be written to the device. Continue? [Y/N]:y
Now saving the current configuration to the device....................
Info: Succeeded in saving the current configuration to the master board device..
Error: Cannot open the config file in slave board, this may caused by insufficient space.                                                                                                           
<bras2>dir slave#cfcard:/
Directory of slave#cfcard:/

  Idx  Attr  Size(Byte)  Date        Time       FileName
   0   -rw-         242  Oct 18 2013 09:39:00   patchstate.dat
   1   -rw-           0  Sep 25 2007 03:56:08   patchnpstate.dat
   2   drw-           -  Sep 25 2007 03:56:56   bill
   3   -rw-     616,529  Oct 14 2013 15:57:34   private-data.txt
   4   -rw-     591,884  Aug 27 2013 10:30:38   test1.cfg
   5   -rw-     594,107  Oct 14 2013 15:57:46   new.cfg
   6   -rw-      31,521  Oct 13 2009 14:01:28
   27  -rw-   7,944,317  Jun 09 2012 15:19:50   v100r006c05spc055.pat

506,368 KB total (307,136 KB free)


Handling Process

After check the task time that the ME60 used to 
download .
[bras2-hidecmd]display rpc callback-timeout

Information of master board : specified value is 
3000 ms.

Module Id   Callback address   Runtime (max,
latest)   Record time (latest)

  f0000       22dc398            6282ms,   
6282ms       Dec 18 06:30:07
  d0000       22aa450            3730ms,   
3730ms       Dec 18 06:23:25
  40390000    ea1400          1223494ms,  
61684ms       Feb 21 13:07:00
Information of slave board : specified value is 
3000 ms.
There is no callback function which is processed 
over specified time.

We may use the followed 2 way to solve this issue.
The recover way is 
1)Save another config file name 
2)Reboot slave mpu

Root Cause

It's software bug, the configuration file in slave borad was opened before, but not be closed successful.
So the file was always open in the system.When we save the configuration, it can not open the file again.
but in version ME60 V100R006C05SPC600 it will not be solved, because it's EOS soon.Temporary solution can be used.


1,Save another config file name.
2,Reset slave MPU card. It will  affect on services.