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FAQ- How to deal with the drop counter statistics of the logic interface

Publication Date:  2014-02-26 Views:  68 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
This case will explain the meaning of the drop counter in the logic interface, such as vlan sub-interface or fr sub-interface and how to judge if they can influence the flow.

Q: How can I see the drop counter of the logic interface?
Q: How does the counter come out?
Q: Does the counter mean the service has been influenced?
Handling Process

Root Cause


Q1: How can I see the drop counter of the logic interface?
A1: Input the command "statistic enable" in the interface view and then display interface. For example:
[R41-Pos5/0/0.1]display this
interface Pos5/0/0.1 p2p
 fr dlci 16
 ip address
 port-mirroring outbound
 statistic enable
[R41]display interface Pos 5/0/0.1
Pos5/0/0.1 current state : UP
Line protocol current state : UP
    input packets: 0, input bytes: 0, input drop packets: 0
    ouput packets: 0, output bytes: 0, output drop packets: 0
    Input bandwidth utilization  :    0%
    Output bandwidth utilization :    0%

Q2: How does the counter come out?
A2: When the packets come in our device, they may be dropped in many cases such as illegal packet
no fib, wrong checksum. If these drops happen after we know which sub-interface they belongs to, we will record them in the drop counter of the sub interface.

Q3: Does the counter mean the service has been influenced?
A3: No, not exactly. As I say in the last question the drops may caused by the flows themselves and drop is our only choice. But we can make sure it by analysising the drop counter of NP (Network processor). By entering the diagnose command we can get the detail drop counter of our LPU and we can see if there are some unusual record which may influence the flows. Most of the drops are normal if we can not feel the service influence.
We can enter these command three times and send to PSE or P&D for making sure it.
(The example command can only be used on LPUA, LPUG and LPUF-10)

[R41-diagnose]display efu me slot 5 ingress counters all
[R41-diagnose]display efu me slot 5 egress counters all

-----------Rx Debug |Tx Helper |Tx Debug Counter query result : ------------

     [ 0  PKT_RX_NUM_PROPER_PKTS_RXED ] = 477067 ( 0x7478B)
     [ 1  PKT_RX_BYTE_CNT ] = 149659302 ( 0x8EB9EA6)
     [ 2  PKT_RX_NUM_ERR_MPKTS_RXED ] = 44 ( 0x2C)

  PORT 0
     [ 0  TX_REQ_RXED_CNT ] = 1 3252612( 0x1 31A184)
     [ 1  FRAMES_TXED_CNT ] = 3149373820 ( 0xBBB7A17C)
     [ 2  OCTETS_TXED_CNT ] = 1 1569962154( 0x1 5D93B8AA)
     [ 3  FRAMES_DROOPED_CNT ] = 3980306018 ( 0xED3EA662)
------------------------Port Counter query result : --------------------------
------------------------Drop Counter query result : --------------------------

     [ 20  ETH_IPV4_DISABLE_DROP_ID ] = 2 ( 0x2 )
------------------------Tocp Counter query result :---------------------------
 [ 5  EXCP_ID_ISIS ] = 3233 ( 0xCA1 )
 [ 6  EXCP_ID_IPV4_ARP ] = 27 ( 0x1B )
 [ 8  EXCP_ID_IPV4_REDIRECT_ICMP ] = 31 ( 0x1F )