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The LPUA, G, F -10 limit the speed of outbound direction and discover the interface statistis unaccurate.

Publication Date:  2014-07-17 Views:  103 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Simple networking as follows, ROUT1, ROUT2, ROUT3 is 3 NE40E:
ROUT1 - and - ROUT2 (int gi2/0/0.1) --ROUT3

Problem Description:
Customers network the ROUT1 flow through the ROUT2 gi2/0/0.1 to ROUT3, in ROUT2 outbound direction on the gi2/0/0.1 do the speed limitation in 50 M, after deployment the limitation, the OM collect the interface speed rate is greater than 50 M, it seems like the limit speed does not take effect.
Interface configuration are as follows:
Interface Gigabit Ethernet 2/0/0.1
Vlan-type dot1q 2
Undo shut down
Qos car cir 50000 cbs 9350000 green pass red discard outbound
Fault equipment in 2nd board is LPUG.

Handling Process

Problem Analysis.
First need to confirm whether the interface statistics is limit speed after statistics, and query related statistics were confirmed. By query interface information can view interface rate information. In addition, we equipment configuration limit speed, can view individual limit speed configured statistics.

1, interface configuration car, first we view interface car statistics, confirm whether the limit speed into effect, rate is normal.
[ Router ] display carstatisticsinterface gi2 1/0 0.1 outbound
InterfaceGigab IT Etherne t2 1/0 0.1
Co MM IT tedAccessRate.
CIR 50000 (Kbps), PIR0 (Kbps), CBS 9350000 (byte), PBS0 (byte)
ConformAction: pass
YellowAction: pass
ExceedAction: discard
Passed. 310031647085 bytes, 265480564 packets
Dropped. 43351339046 bytes, 28758018 packets
Last 30 secondspassedrate. 59896160 bps, 9109 pps
Last 30 secondsdroppedrate. 12678624 bps, 1894 pps
You can see car limit speed effect and rate is normal.

2, and then view interface statistics information, checking to see direction of traffic. The interface need to enable statistical functions.
Interface statistics information are as follows
[ 2800 -R 42 ] displayinterfaceGigab IT Ethernet 2/0 and 0.1
Gigab IT Etherne t2 / 0 / 0.1 currentstate: UP
Lineprotocolcurrentstate: UP
It TP hysicaluptime    : -
It TP hysicaldowntime 2012 -12 -11 12:18: 54
Currentsystemtime 2012 -12 -11 15:28: 39
Statisticslastcleared. never
Last 30 secondsinputrate: 82576124 bits / sec, 12886 packets / sec
Last 30 secondsou TP utrate. 72573894 bits / sec, 10996 packets / sec
Input: 353,382,986,131 bytes, 294,238,582 packets
Output: 323,124,421,268 bytes, 272,143,643 packets

You can see interface rate is greater than limit speed rate. Confirmed by customers and customers think limit speed does not take effect view was interface when rate, is viewed by using the network management related interface statistics.

The confirmed product implementation, the veneer is pay to implement outbound fangxiangzi interface statistics, then do interface of car limit speed.
Actually, we veneer for flow out directions son before interface statistics is limit speed, see counting is limit speed ago statistics, and traffic than limit speed rate do not reflect limit speed when effect.

This process of only in LPUA / G / H / F. exist on the -10 LPUG -20 / 21 / 40, LPUG -41 and subsequent LPUG -120 / 240 - board interface statistics are car after statistics.

Root Cause

The root cause is sub interface statistics and Car Limit speed is board NP Finishes, a child interface before statistical process is limit speed statistics, therefore sees sub interface Outbound In statistics is larger than the rate limit speed.

Limit speed is actually effect and accurately, can Car Statistics to check the limit speed effect.


If you want to get limit speed effect statistics, and you can view car statistical information. If network management to get statistics to the customers proposals by reading the car mib to obtain related data.
Interface qoscar corresponding mib node is, mib file is Huawei - XQOS - MIB, mib table is HW QoS CarStatisticsTable X.


The problem locating process, need to interface statistics and car limit speed in board Implementation on has certain understanding. . In addition, the similar situation, such as interface in direction statistics is in before limit speed, have interface statistics is larger than the limit speed phenomenon.