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Error occurs when deploy outbound direction mirror on LPUK board

Publication Date:  2014-07-30 Views:  93 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

when customers  dploy the out directions mirror, Error occurs. The information is as follows:
[NE40E-X8- Gigabit Ethernet 1/1/6] port - mirroring outbound
Error: Certainconfigurationsofinterface0onthesubboardwherethecurrenti
Nterfaceres Id esaremutuallyexclusivetotheconfigurationofoutboundmirrori
Ng.Beforeconfiguringoutboundmirroring, youmus TD eletetheseexclusiveconfi

Customers gi1, 1, 0hao kouqueshi configuration.
InterfaceGigab IT Ethernet 1/1/0
Undoshu TD own

Note: LPUK is LPUG -20/21

Handling Process

Problem Analysis, prompt information is  interface0 has some configuration, therefore does not allow mirroring configuration. in the gi1/11/0 ,it was configured on the interface.

after confirm, it results  from the LPUK special restrictions .
LPUK board has np-4 chip, for np-4 version is b4 chip, for outbound direction  mirroring, traffic needs loopback from  interface0  to the ingress direction, and forwarded to the observing interface. The interface0 is an actual board interface, may deploy business, if be mirrored may  affect business, so they do limit, in interface0 deploy  business or exists subinterface, do not allow the other interface deploy outbound direction mirroring.

there are two things need for description:
1, not all the LPUK has this limit, np-4 has c2 and b4 two versions. Only the Early used np-4 b4 version chip LPUK  exist the limit.
Judgment method:
V3R3、V3R6 and V6R1 command: in diagnosis mode  efuhal <slotid> E68 - ver display
For example:
[NE40E-diagnose]efu hal 2 mic-ver display
NPVersion:0x36b000b4           ------ it indicates that the version is b4.

For V6R3 and V6R5 versions  commands:
in Diagnosis mode  efuhal <slotid> mic-ver <cardid>
For example:
[3.200-diagnose ] disp efu hal 1 mic-ver 0
NPVersion:0x36b000b4           ------ it indicates that the version is b4.

2, for LPUK has two subcard, when card0  deploy mirroring, Do not configuration the corresponding interface0 . If it is  card1,Do not configurate the corresponding interface0.
For the problems of the case, if error occurs when configurating gi1/1/6,we have to migrated the bussiness of gi1/1/1/0 to other places, and deleted configures , then we  can configure mirror.

The LPUK board Confirmation Method.
Run display version slot <slotid>
For example:
[R4] display version slot 3
LPU3 : uptimeis0day, 8hours, 54 minutes
StartupTime     2014/01/03     09:04:08
Host processor.
SDRAM MemorySize: 1024M bytes
Flash MemorySize: 32M bytes
PCB  Version: CR 52 LPUKREVD         ---- indicates  the LPUK board.
EPLD Version: 500
EPLD2 Version: 405

Root Cause

This problem is due to some LPUK using np-4 b4 version restrictions when deploy mirroring.
migrated business of interface0  to other interface, and then delete  port interface0 configuration.

After the hardware of restriction, To avoid affect business proposals, If you must deploy outbound mirror, delete  port interface0 configuration first,then  deploy mirroring.