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Placement of the New Batteries in Powercube 1000 and configuration of the Power system accordingly to the battery type and capacity

Publication Date:  2014-08-04 Views:  168 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
This troubleshooting case actually is an SR created by the customer bearing number 3090298, the problem define by the customer in SR is that their batteries get theft and they have to revert back their system to their original batteries that is 12V 150Ah VRLA batteries and the batteries get theft are FCB agisson 400C. Now the problem is that the rectifiers are configured to charge the batteries up to 0.3C, and the normal 12V, 150Ah VRLA are charged at 0.1C, if the current configuration is used to charge the batteries so the 12V battery bank merely infected by this, so the configuration of the Powercube needs to be changed accordingly.
Handling Process

Following points will explain how to connect the 12V 150Ah VRLA batteries with the Powercube and adjust the parameters of the Power system accordingly to charge the batteries according to their manufacturing datasheet.

1.     Firstly logon to the Internet protocol based software of the PowerCube 1000, the login intrnet protocol of the system is


2.     Then go to the device parameter option and then site summary after that select the ESU-F option for the battery type and wait for 5 mins to store the configuration.


3.     Then go to the function parameters and then ESS menu , in ESS the sub-option is basic parameters in this we have to type the battery capacity which is 150*2=300Wh.



4.     After that the another sub option of the ESS is charge parameter , where you can set the battery current charge limit to 0.1C equal to the 15Amps by which 12V batteries get charged with no significant degrading its performance. And select the DISABLE for the option of FAST CHARGE ENABLE option.

Root Cause
The root cause of this case is basically the current charge limit which is set at 0.1C rather than 0.3C that is traditionally used for the FCB, because the simple VRLA batteries when subjected to this 0.3C charge value the performance of batteries harastically degraded.

Once we have to change the batteries one should have complete knowledge of the batteries, whther these are the normal VRLA batteries or FCB, becase by knowing all this information one could completely analyze the batteries life and its routine working and maintenance.

This is very simple technique to change the batteries of the Powercube 1000 effectively at any time without any additional hard work