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Invalid password results in failure of l2tp dial-up

Publication Date:  2012-07-27 Views:  285 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
  Some customer feedbacks that he could not dial up when AR2830 serves for l2tp dial-up.

The interface link of virtual template frequents up and down. Tunnel has been established, and so does session, but dial-up fails yet. The version is VRP3.3 0008.

<czj-vpdn>dis ver                                                               

 Copyright Notice:                                                             

 All rights reserved (Aug 17 2004).                                            

 Without the owner's prior written consent, no decompiling                     

 nor reverse-engineering shall be allowed.                                     

 Huawei-3Com Versatile Routing Platform Software                               

 VRP(R) software, Version 3.30, Release 0008


Alarm Information

 Invalid password results in failure of dial-up                                                            

%Jul 30 23:35:33 2005 czj-vpdn IFNET/5/UPDOWN:PPP IPCP protocol on the interface

 Virtual-Template1:0 is UP                                                      

%Jul 30 23:36:02 2005 czj-vpdn IFNET/5/UPDOWN:Line protocol on the interface Vir

tual-Template1:0 is DOWN

Handling Process

1. Check if tunle has been established:

<czj-vpdn>dis l2tp tu                                                          

 LocalTID RemoteTID RemoteAddress    Port   Sessions RemoteName                

 1        3    1701   1        wzcz2                                                                                Total tunnel = 1                                                              

2. Check if session has been established

<czj-vpdn>dis l2tp se                                                          

 LocalSID  RemoteSID  LocalTID                                                 

  6315      3903 1                                                                                    Total session = 1                                                             

3. Debug ppp packet information; the user name and password do not match, causing the links up and down frequently

*0.18745694 czj-vpdn PPP/8/debug2:                                              

  PPP Packet:                                                                  

      Virtual-Template1:0 Input  PAP(c023) Pkt, Len 42                         

      State ServerListen, code Request(01), id 8f, len 23                      

      Host Len: 13  Name:wzcz2@wzcz.gx                                         

      Pwd Len:  4  Pwd:wzcz                                                                 

*0.18745696 czj-vpdn PPP/8/debug2:                                             

  PPP Error:                                                                   

      Virtual-Template1:0 PAP : Server failed No.  1 !

Configure the password of the configuration file to:

 local-user wzcz2@wzcz.gx password simple wzcz@wzcz.gx                                  

 local-user wzcz2@wzcz.gx service-type ppp             


5. Change the password, and then dial up successfully.

Root Cause
Invalid password