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How To Change the RH2285 Product Name

Publication Date:  2012-07-17 Views:  402 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
At a deployment site, the RH2285 mainboard is faulty. After the backup board requested using the BOM of the RH2285 mainboard is used to replace the original one, the customer obtains RH1285 as the product name from the system. When the customer logs in to the Web page of the RH2285, the customer sees that the product name is RH1285 in the serial number. This problem brings great inconvenience to customers implementing device and asset management.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Log in to the management network port of BMC using the serial port or SSH and use commands to change and refresh the product name.
The detailed commands are as follows (the data format is hexadecimal in ASCII):
ipmicmd 0 0 30 90 04 00 03 01 00 6 52 48 32 32 38 35
//The former 10 digits 0 0 30 90 04 00 03 01 00 6 correspond to the location where the fixed data identifier writes contents. 52 48 32 32 38 35 corresponds to the RH2285 expressed in hexadecimal mode of ASCII.
ipmicmd 0 0 30 90 06 0 aa
//Update the changed name to the fru area.

Run the ipmcget command or log in to the management Web page to check whether the change is successful.
Root Cause
The cause is that the RH2285 and RH1285 use the mainboard of the same model and the product name of the mainboard is not refreshed.