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Failing to Scan Virtual Tape Libraries/Drives by the OS on the Backup Server

Publication Date:  2012-07-19 Views:  259 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
After the VTL3500 is connected to the backup server, the OS on the backup server fails to scan
virtual tape libraries/drives.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Step 1 Check the assignation of the clients.
In the VTL console, right-click the specified client. If the virtual device is not displayed in the
resource option, assign the virtual device to the client. To share the device among multiple
clients, set the mode to non-exclusive read or write; otherwise, devices cannot be added.
Step 2 Check the WWPN.
(1) In the VTL console, right-click the resource assigned to the client and choose
Properties. Record the WWPNs of the initiator and the target. Select Physical
Resources and look for the HBA card whose WWPN matches the WWPN of the recorded
(2) Right-click the icon of the HBA card and choose Refresh SNS table. Select SNS table of
the HBA card and look for the WWPN that matches the WWPN of the recorded initiator.
(3) If the WWPN is wrong, cancel the assignation of virtual devices to backup servers, and
assign virtual devices to backup servers by using a proper type of mappings. If multiple
HBA cards exist in the backup server or the VTL3500, you can query all items in the target
SNS list.
(4) If the WWPN is not in the SNS list, check the FC port zone and the FC connection.
Step 3 Check the volume set addressing (VSA).
Part of fiber channel hosts adopt the VSA mode. The addressing mode applies to the addressing
of the virtual bus, target, and LUN. Under this condition, ensure that the VSA on the target driver
of the VTL3500 is enabled. Otherwise, part of clients cannot detect more than eight LUNS in
the VTL3500.
Step 4 If the problem persists, contact Huawei Symantec technical support engineers.
Root Cause

Possible Causes
 The VTL3500 is offline.
 The backup server is wrongly configured.

If the OS on the backup server fails to scan virtual tape libraries/drives, check whether the virtual
devices are connected. To check whether the virtual device is connected, choose the VTL3500
and view the status line on the right of the interface. If the status is unconnected, it indicates that
the device is offline; therefore, the backup server fails to discover the offline device.
If the status is connected, check the configurations of the backup server.