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How to format the host of TP3106

Publication Date:  2013-07-30 Views:  594 Downloads:  2
Issue Description
We upgrade the host via normal way failed, then upgrade the host via the bootrom upgrading failed,
Alarm Information
Handling Process
We choose to format the system.
First of all, remember 2 commands:
The main steps as follows:connect the 16th serial port (near the LAN port) with PC .we can configure the settings as follows

after reboot via bootrom (about 1 minite later),enter `VCG DEBUG` and press the enter button, you can see’-->’,it means that you enter the bootrom successfully.
Then enter the first command`BSP_EraseTffsSection`,please wait for a while(10 minutes). until return 0, it means estimate successfully;then enter the second command` BSP_FormatFileSystem `then wait for a while(30 minutes).and return 0, it means successfully.we suggest ping when you are do some operatioms,you can know whether it`s reachable.
Creation date: Mar  5 2011, 15:29:13                //①the print details
version Mar  5 2011.
copy default boot line
To Boot mini system
count is 0x0010e212
Mini system file size is 1106450
Copy code...OK!
inflate code...OK!
Starting at 0x20000...
Init PCI...OK!
Net init: Initing network...OK
Attaching interface lo0... done
Get mac in flash!
Get mac in flash!
Net ip attach: Attached IPv4 interface to mottsec unit 1
Net boot config: invalid argument
Init PHY5241...0x1c390a90 (tRootTask): [vxWorks]copy default boot line
0x1c390a90 (tRootTask): [vxWorks]copy default boot line
0x1c390a90 (tRootTask): Mac:08-19-a6-25-8f-b1
0x1c390a90 (tRootTask): Mac:08-19-a6-25-8f-b0
Adding 7236 symbols for standalone.
tffsDevCreate failed.
File system may be error!
CPU: Motorola MPC8349E ADS.  Processor #0.
Memory Size: 0x1ef7fc00.  BSP version 2.0/2.
Created: Mar 19 2011, 16:19:18
ED&R Policy Mode: lab
0x1c390a90 (tRootTask): checkStatus() ERROR line 1348
0x1c390a90 (tRootTask): checkStatus() ERROR line 279
Product root init...
Reboot hook: Add reboot hook OK!
config Dir Access Err, Need Delete
deleting file config
config: errno = 0x41
No Such Dir: xdelete config Fail
Create Dir: config Fail
Init scm communication: BSP_ScmCommunicationIn-> it OK!!
Add IP:
mottsec1 inet add netmask
Arrive approot...
Root Debug_InitMasterInit ...
Root MasterInit ...
Root RegisterAllModuleCommand ...
Root InitUserNode ...
set arp broadcast timer OK!
Set tShell0 priority to 200
Get tXbdService fails
Set tTffsPTask priority to 252
Lan[0] static IP LinkDown
Lan[1] static IP LinkDown     //②enter admin/password  VCG DEBUG/DEBUG LOGIN

-> BSP_EraseTffsSection                //③ enter the first command
............................value = 0 = 0x0                 
-> Lan[0] static IP LinkUp

-> BSP_FormatFileSystem                      //④enter the second command
.Formatting will cause all data in the file system to be lost!!!
Do you really want to format file system?(Y/N)
Formatting file system.
Please wait for about 10 minute(Don't power down!!!)...

Formatting /tffs0 for DOSFS
Instantiating /tffs0 as rawFs, device = 0x10001
Formatting...Retrieved old volume params with %95 confidence:
Volume Parameters: FAT type: FAT16, sectors per cluster 8
  2 FAT copies, 0 clusters, 248 sectors per FAT
  Sectors reserved 1, hidden 32, FAT sectors 496
  Root dir entries 240, sysId (null)  , serial number 21a50000
  Label:"           " ...
Disk with 507872 sectors of 512 bytes will be formatted with:
Volume Parameters: FAT type: FAT16, sectors per cluster 8
  2 FAT copies, 63417 clusters, 248 sectors per FAT
Sectors reserved 1, hidden 0, FAT sectors 496
  Root dir entries 512, sysId VXDOS16 , serial number 21a50000
  Label:"           " ...
value = 0 = 0x0                           //⑤finish, and do another bootrom upgrading
Root Cause
After we format the system, renew the switches and restart the host, it works fine.