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Users Without the ddd Call Right Can Make National Toll Calls

Publication Date:  2015-07-15 Views:  604 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Network: IAD132(E)T–SoftCo–(PRA)–Peer PBX

Version: SoftCo5816 V100R002C04SPC700

Local prefix 9 and ddd prefix 90 are configured on the SoftCo. User 561153 is of the normal level, and the call rights are inter and local. However, the user can make national toll calls to numbers starting with 90.
Handling Process
Step 1 Verify that prefixes 9 and 90 are correctly configured.

Step 2 Verify that the right information is correct for number 561153.

Step 3 Analyze call logs for number 561153. (The log function must be enabled for the CCM module.) It is found that the ddd service is triggered during the call process, but before that, the system detects that the workingtime flag is enabled.

[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 28550][dwCCMNo=  293]CCM_CallerNumberLongProcess Entered. CallerNumber is 561153] 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 28615][dwCCMNo=  293]CCM New Caller Number is: 68951153.? 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 29205][dwCCMNo=  293] CLDPredeal Process entered. Called Number is: 9018096675926, Predeal Index is : 1T 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 29229][dwCCMNo=  293] find Predeal Index is : 1{ 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 29249][dwCCMNo=  293] CLDPredeal Process Succeeded. New Called Number is: 018096675926K 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 29448][dwCCMNo=  293] CCM_FinishCLDAnaO 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 26346][dwCCMNo=  293] CCM_ReAnalysisPrefixN 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 19970][dwCCMNo=  293] CCM_CheckCallRightsf 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 19753][dwCCMNo=  293] CCM_GetPriorLevelAndInWorkTimeFlag Entered.T 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 20204][dwCCMNo=  293] DDD right is active right now!_ 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.06][ccm.c 33872][dwCCMNo=  293] CCM_IsTailPoundX 
[2013-08-13 17:04:53.07][ccm.c 37852][dwCCMNo=  293]  User Level:1, Route Source:0X

Step 4 Run the config set workingtime switch on starttime 23:58:59 endtime 23:59:00 command to modify the working time period so that users of the normal level cannot make national toll calls in other periods of time.

Root Cause
Fault Locating:
Verify that prefixes 9 and 90 are correctly configured and user right information is correct, and analyze call logs to locate the fault.

Possible Cause:
Table 3-1 lists the call rights for different right levels.

Table 3-1 Rights levels and call rights

Users of the normal level can make national toll calls during working time. By default, all time is working time. This is the possible cause that user 561153 of the normal level can make national toll calls.
When a user makes an outgoing call, the system checks the workingtime flag after matching the outgoing prefix and performing number change. If the workingtime flag is enabled, the system determines whether the call is allowed based on the user's call rights during working time.