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An IPC Automatically Restarts

Publication Date:  2015-06-26 Views:  498 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Applicable Models:
All IPC models.


An IPC automatically restarts.
Handling Process
Step 1 Check whether the copper cable within the IPC power cable is damaged.
  • If yes, change the IPC power cable.
  • If no, go to Step2.
Step 2 Check whether the cable from the IPC power supply input port or PoE port is connected properly.
  • If yes, go to Step3.
  • If no, insert the cable properly again.
Step 3 Check whether the input voltage for the IPC meets the requirements.
  • If yes, go to Step4.
  • If no, ensure that the power adapter for the IPC works in commercial power voltage.
 The commercial power voltages in different countries and areas may vary. The commercial power voltage in China is 220 V AC.
 You can view the required input and output voltages for the IPC power adapter on the plug of the power adapter.
 Generally, the input and output voltages for an IPC are 24 V AC and 12 V DC respectively. For details, see the user manual for the corresponding IPC model.
 If the fluctuation of the IPC input voltage exceeds 10%, the IPC may be damaged. Ensure that the input voltage is stable.
 If the cable between the IPC power adapter and the IPC is too long, the IPC input voltage decreases. When installing the IPC, ensure that the distance between the IPC and the power adapter is appropriate.

Step 4 Check whether the SD card is normal and produced by a qualified manufacturer.
  • If yes, contact your service provider for assistance.
  • If no, change an SD card produced by a qualified manufacturer.
The following storage cards are recommended:
 SD Card: SanDisk(8GB, class4), Kingston (8GB & 32GB, class4)
 Micro SD Card: Kingston (32GB, class4)

Step 5 Check whether the fault is rectified.
  • If yes, no further operation is required.
  • If no, contact your service provider for assistance.
Root Cause
The possible causes are as follows:
  • Too many wire sheaths are peeled off from the power cable. As a result, the diameter of the power cable does not meet the requirement, and the current is insufficient after the IPC is powered on.
  • The power supply input port or PoE port is not in good contact.
  • The input voltage for the IPC is insufficient.
  • The SD card used by the IPC is produced by an unqualified manufacturer.
  • The SD card is damaged.