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Problem with the Traffic Report function . How to check if the log database is full?

Publication Date:  2015-07-29 Views:  1598 Downloads:  0
Issue Description


I want to discuss about a common USG problem which is usually noticed while trying to create traffic reports.  While trying to carry this operation we might see that the report cannot be generated for a  the period you are interested in

As you might know this might be because the USG does not have a hard disk installed and without it the USG is capable to store a limited log information (100.000 logs). The Hard disks is used to store a large amount of log and report data.


So, I was saying, without a hard disk installed, the report memory space is limited on the firewall. This means that the memory available on the firewall without the hard disk won’t offer the possibility to store a very large amount of reports or the possibility to check the reports for a long time interval.

 To make sure this is the cause why you cannot make a report for a time interval longer than a week, I can offer you some commands to see if the traffic report database reached the maximum number of logs and to check if the date of the first generated log  is the same with the same as the date displayed at the beginning of the report.

If you see that the database is full you can compare the date on which the first log was generated to the date displayed at the beginning of the report.

Run the below command and check the following parameters:

Max log number – maximum number of logs

Current log number- current number of logs in the database

Begin time- the time when the first log was generated (in unix timestamp) //you need to convert this one to find out the date when it was generated


If the current log number equals to the max log number it means that the database is full. In this case, please check the begin time against the date from which the graphic report starts.



For instance, if I want to check if the traffic application database reached the 100,000 maximum number of logs and to see if the first log was generated last week ago.

 20:30:30  2015/06/25
 Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.
 20:30:32  2015/06/25
 Now you enter a diagnose command view for developer's testing, some commands 
 may affect operation by wrong use, please carefully use it with HUAWEI 
 engineer's direction.

 [U13_R6_USG6600-diagnose]display log type merged traffic application 60m disk_database information 
 20:31:16  2015/06/25
      table name : Tdl_Trf_App60m;
      max log number : 100000;
      current log number : 15;
      monitor table id : 16;
           disk table id : 16;
           disk table sub id : 3;
           table name : Tdl_Trf_App60m_3.db;
           table loaction : /nlog/db_home/traffic;
           max log id : 15;
           assigned log id : 0;
           time zone : 0;
           begin time : 1435158000;
           end time : 1435172400;
           max log number : 20000;
           current log number : 4;
           state : 0;
           DB type : 0;
           file valid flag : 0;
           control table id : 145;