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FAQ-How to delete a file from AR router

Publication Date:  2016-04-06 Views:  4371 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Sometimes when uploading a file to AR router, we will find the free space is not enough. In this case we have to delete some file.

But after delete the file by command:

<Huawei>delete ar1220-v200r005sph006.pat

We will find the avaliable space remains same rather than increasing. so the question is: how to delete a file totally?

When deleting a file by this command:

<Huawei>delete ar1220-v200r005sph006.pat

Actually this file will be moved into recycle bin instead of erasering from Flash.

If we run command:

<Huawei> dir /all

We will find that file still exist in Flash, but marked with "[ ]", which shows it is in Recyle bin.

<Huawei>dir /all
Directory of flash:/

  Idx  Attr     Size(Byte)  Date        Time(LMT)  FileName
    0  -rw-    105,425,408  Dec 04 2014 11:12:14

    8  -rw-        231,168  Jan 06 2016 00:59:50   [ar1220-v200r005sph006.pat]

248,320 KB total (25,024 KB free)

To eraser them from Flash totally, there are 2 ways:

1. when delete the file, use parameter /unreserved , so that the file will not be moved to recycle bin.

<Huawei>delete /unreserved ar1220-v200r005sph006.pat

2. Use this command to remove the files in recycle bin:

<Huawei>reset recycle-bin ar1220-v200r005sph006.pat

Then the files will be erasered from Flash and the space will be released.