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Wireless Slow Speed performance on AC6006

Publication Date:  2016-08-31 Views:  1008 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

There was no interference between APs and CCM encryption was configured, but still slow speed was encountered even if the client was right next to AP with maximum signal and only one connected to network.

Next step was to verify the clients connected to SSIDs, with below commands:

   (huawei)display station assoc-info all                                       

                  - will  display all the clients connected to Wireless network

   (huawei)display station assoc-info sta xxxx-xxxx-xxxx               

                  - will display all the information regarding a client (identified by MAC address), xxxx-xxxx-xxxx represents the Mac adress

<HAS-WAC>display station assoc-info sta 1c56-fe04-5259             -below is the client's\STA's ,connected to wireless network, information
  Station mac-address                       : 1c56-fe04-5259
  Station ip-address                        :
                                            : FE80::1E56:FEFF:FE04:5259
  Station gateway                           :
  Associated SSID                           : Test
  Station online time(ddd:hh:mm:ss)         : 000:00:44:15
  The upstream SNR(dB)                      : 37.0
  Station connect rate(Mbps)                : 45
  Station connect channel                   : 6
  Station inactivity time(ddd:hh:mm:ss)     : 000:00:00:00
  Station current state
    Authorized for data transfer            : YES
    Qos enabled                             : YES
    ERP enabled                             : YES
    HT rates enabled                        : YES
    Power save mode enabled                 : YES
    Auth reference held                     : No
    UAPSD enabled                           : No
    UAPSD triggerable                       : No
    UAPSD SP in progress                    : No
    This is an ATH node                     : No
    WDS workaround req                      : No
    WDS link                                : No
  Station's HT capability                   : P
  Station ERP element                       : 0
  Station capabilities                      : EPSs
  Station's RSSI(dBm)                       : -71
  Station's Noise(dBm)                      : -108
  Station's radio mode                      : 11n
  Station's AP ID                           : 1
  Station's Radio ID                        : 0
  Station's Authentication Method           : WPA2-PSK
  Station's Cipher Type                     : CCMP
  Station's User Name                       : 1c56fe045259
  Station's Vlan ID                         : 218
  Station's Channel Band-width              : 20MHz
  Station's asso BSSID                      : 70d9-311a-2304
  Station's state                           : Asso with auth
  Station's Qos Mode                        : WMM
  Station's HT Mode                         : HT20
  Station's MCS value                       : 7                                                                                           -the client connected to network, is MCS class 7
  Station's Short GI                        : nonsupport
  Station's roam state                      : Yes


=>if you take a look into below 802.11n standard table, the client(sta) is from MCS class 7 (1xMIMO, 20Mhz), therefore the Speed will be 65MBs => download speed will be: 65/8 =  8 MBs, so in our case 10MBS is ok.
                                =>the limitation is no given by AP, in this case the limitation of speed is given by MCS class(7) of the CLIENT which connects to wireless.
                                =>with other words, the STA connected to Wireless network it is an 1x MIMO client, MCS class 7, supports speed to 65 MB\s in 20MHz channel.
                                =>a STA with higher MCS value, connected to your Wireless network, will have higher speed, of course depending how many STAs are connected to network.