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How to set AP’s gigabit port for service vlan.

Publication Date:  2017-04-01 Views:  1164 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

By default, if a Terminal is connecting to the wired port of the AP, it will be part of  Management VLAN. This is not desired in this case, so there is the need to change the behavior of the wired port, so that it will reside in the Service VLAN.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. We need to configure the downlink and uplink ports profiles on AC.

2. Create a wired-port-profile for downlink ports for the AP gigabit ports toward the PCs

     a. set the mode to endpoint

     b. set PVID to Service VLAN ID (for this example I used VLAN ID 10)

     c. assign the profile to ap-grup.

3. Create another wired-port-profile for uplink towards AC and make VLAN 10 to pass.


<AC6605> system-view

[AC6605] wlan

[AC6605-wlan-view] wired-port-profile name Downlink

[AC6605-wlan-wired-port-Downlink] mode endpoint

[AC6605-wlan-wired-port-Downlink] vlan pvid 10

[AC6605-wlan-wired-port-Downlink] vlan untagged 10

[AC6605-wlan-wired-port-Downlink] quit

[AC6605-wlan-view] ap-group name group1

[AC6605-wlan-ap-group-group1] wired-port-profile Downlink gigabitethernet X              //here replace X with the actual interface number


[AC6605-wlan-view] wired-port-profile name Uplink

[AC6605-wlan-wired-port-Uplink] vlan tagged 10

[AC6605-wlan-view] ap-group name group1

[AC6605-wlan-ap-group-group1] wired-port-profile Uplink gigabitethernet Y                  //here replace Y with the actual interface number