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What are TechNotes?

TechNotes are short technical documents that generally describe specific problems and solutions, mostly practice oriented. Huawei Engineers work with customers around the world to provide solutions to the most complicated issues, and document their experience in TechNotes.

TechNotes target at specific issues, and may cover topics such as design, configuration, maintenance, or troubleshooting methods.

TechNotes by Product
Campus Switches
BPDU Protection 29/Jun/2019
How Does RADIUS Work 23/Jul/2019
IP Routing Basics 01/Jul/2019
TCP IP Overview 03/Jul/2019
Understanding VCMP 29/Jun/2019
What Is a VLAN 04/Jun/2019
What Is a VPN 04/Jun/2019
What Is LACP 04/Jun/2019
What is NAC 04/Jun/2019
What Is OSPF 28/Dec/2019
What Is SNMP 01/Jul/2019
What Is STP 01/Jul/2019
What Is LUN 31/Jul/2019
What Is NAS 31/Jul/2019
What Is SAN 31/Jul/2019