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제품 변경 통지(PCN)는 전달된 제품의 변경 사항과 변경의 영향을 설명하기 위해 고객에게 보내는 공식 문서입니다.
  • 스티커 제품 PCN
  • 최신 제품 PCN
Huawei PCN Data Center Energy-20180005 Data center Some products and Low-Efficiency Delivery Code EOM Notice 2018-08-10
Huawei PCN Data Center Energy - 20180004 EOS Notice for Purchased Air Conditioners and Video Systems in Data Center Energy 2018-08-10
Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20180002 Data Center Network PHD-600WA-B and PHD-600WA-F HVDC Power Modules EOM Notice 2018-06-28
Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20180003 Data Center Network Modular Switch Cards EOM Notice 2018-06-28
Huawei PCN CloudEngine-20180004 Data Center Network Optical Modules EOM Notice 2018-06-28