• Homepage

    Huawei Enterprise Technical Support homepage is your starting point for accessing software downloads,product documentation,support tools and resources,TAC phone numbers,and support case studies.

  • Quick Search

    The Quick Search of the Huawei Enterprise Technical Support website can analyze entered keywords to accurately determine your requirements, aggregate and classify product resources that meet your requirements, and display the resources on a dedicated page so that you can quickly obtain what you want.

  • Product Support

    Product Support page provides comprehensive support and guidance for any Huawei device.Helping you check device technical support documents,software downloading,online & offline tools and update bulletins keep you on right track,the brand new layout makes searching much easier than ever.

  • Learn about Documentation

    Product documentation can help customers better complete the purchase, planning, design, installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Huawei products. Not only can product documentation be manuals, but presented in various innovative methods, such as online document tools, and multimedia experience documents such as AR/VR/MR and videos. How to obtain and use Huawei product documentation?

  • iKnow

    iKnow is an intelligent online platform which provides services with real-time help.It enables you to ask questions about all service,such as product technologies,spare parts,maintenance,and helps you solve the common problem.

  • Community

    Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Community is a professional platform for global users,to learn and share knowledge,questions,troubleshooting cases and solutions with thousands of IT professionals and experts.

  • Huawei HiKnow App

    Huawei HiKnow App is a professional mobile assistant. Supporting you by managing devices,searching documentation,troubleshooting,submitting service requests and technical support.Using Huawei HiKnow App to get support anywhere,anytime.