Functions of the HiKnow App integrates common tools used by engineers for delivery and maintenance. You can add frequently used tools to Functions for quicker access.


Functions covers various tools that are commonly used by engineers for delivery and maintenance, such as Scan, AR Center, Videos. Tap More to go to the Functions page.

You can search for a desired tool by using the search box.
Or filter desired tools by product category and application scenario.
After finding the desired tool, tap Obtain to add the tool to Functions.

Tap Edit to go to the management page. Drag a tool to adjust its position or delete an unnecessary tool.



1. Scanning to view maintenance information and product materials

Step 1

Log in to the HiKnow App by using your personal account. In the upper right corner of the homepage or under Functions, tap the scan icon.

Step 2

Scan the device barcode to obtain the maintenance information, product information, and product tools of the device.

2. Batch scanning and batch export

The HiKnow App supports batch scanning and batch export of codes.

Step 1

Log in to the HiKnow App by using your personal account. Tap the scan icon, and select Batch Scan to scan the device barcodes in sequence.

Step 2

Open Historical Scans, tap Send by Email, enter your email address, and tap Send. You can receive a summary of all product maintenance information.

AR Center

Step 1

Log in to the HiKnow App and tap AR Center under Functions.

Step 2

On the AR Center page, you can view recommended and popular products, or browse products by product category.

Step 3

Tap Sort by Product, select a product line. For example, select IT Product Line, and tap Huawei IT AR&3D.

Step 4

Tap Download. After the download is complete, perform operations as prompted.