Support center of the HiKnow App provides nine common services.


Support Center: Direct Access to Nine Common Services

1. Service Request:Submit trouble tickets online using your mobile phone to get problems solved more quickly.

2. Maintenance Status: Enter the SN or scan the barcode on a device to view the maintenance status and determine whether to renew the maintenance.

3. Spare Parts: Quickly check the progress of requests you submitted for spare parts.

4. iKnow:A virtual assistant that provides 24/7 consulting service. Use your mobile phone to quickly find solutions to product problems.

5. elSDP: A main platform for enterprise service delivery, which connects customers and gathers ecosystem partners, enabling orderly, efficient, and visible project delivery.

6. On-site Support:A service for receiving, transferring, and processing work orders, and recording attendance, scanning barcodes for onsite authentication, and uploading service reports.

7. Global Service Hotline: Quickly search for and call the global service hotline anytime, anywhere.

8. Spare Part Requests:Apply for and return spare parts, and view the handling progress of spare parts.

9. Activate Product License: Scan or enter a product ESN and enter the activation password of the product to quickly activate the license.


1.Maintenance Status

Step 1

Log in to the HiKnow App and tap Maintenance Status on the homepage.

Step 2

Enter or scan the barcode of a device, and tap Search to go to the maintenance status screen of the device.

Step 3

On the Maintenance status screen, view the maintenance information, or contact Local Office with one tap.


Step 1

Log in to the HiKnow App and tap iKnow on the homepage.

Step 2

Select a product category, for example, choose Enterprise Date Communication > Enterprise Date Center Switch.

Step 3

Select a task, or enter a question in the text box, and then tap Send.