Rewards is a platform for users to exchange the virtual currency Hi-coins for gifts in the Huawei enterprise support community.


1. Popular activities in the community are displayed in scrolling pictures, and you can click a picture to go to the activity page.

2. Your personal information and new messages are displayed on the right of the page.

3. Redeemable gifts are displayed. You can select gifts based on the quantity of your Hi-coins.


How can I gain HiCoins?

The Hi-Coins is the new type of virtual currency used in the Huawei Enterprise Support Community. Users are rewarded Hi-Coins for certain actions; for example, logging in to the community or posting and replying to posts in the community.

The following table lists the actions for which users are rewarded Hi-Coins (the table is in the process of being updated. The latest notice prevails).

Action Hi-Coins Gained Limitation Reward cycle
Daily Login 1 1 per day Every day
Log in for 25 consecutive days 25 N/A Every mon
Daily Sign in on the HiKnow APP 1 1 per day Every day
Posting for the first time through the HiKnow app 10 N/A One time
Comment/Reply 1 2 per day Everyday
Posting in our forum Via web 2 2 per day Every day
Via the HiKnow App 3
Helpful Give a “Helpful” award 1 1 per day Every day
Receive a “Helpful” award 1 1 per day
Highlighted Posts 100 N/A Each time
Best or Recommended Answer 10 N/A Each time
Subscribe to one of the Forum’s Collection 1 One time Every first subscription
Sending a PM 1 1 per day Every day
Join a group 5 N/A One time
Promising new technician of the month* 5 N/A One time
Autobiographer 15 N/A One time

(1)* Promising new technician of the month = the user has completed the following:

Commented/Replied at least 20 times

Comments/Replies received a “Helpful” award at least 5 times

(2)* Autobiographer = the user has completed the following:

Set up their contact e-mail address

Set up their nationality

Set up their nickname

Set their avatar


1. Get the Hi-coins by replying to the ASK FOR HELP posts. If your answer is chosen as the BEST ANSWER, then you can get the corresponding Hi-coins set by the poster.

2. Get the Hi-coins through participating in activities with Hi-coins rewards. They are posted on a monthly basis, so keep an eye for them.

3. In order to gain Hi-Coins, users must consent to the Community rules and regulations.

Any form of cheating is not allowed. Once found, the Hi-Coins in the account will be removed and the user will receive a mail notification.

4. If you have not logged in for more than 180 days, the Hi-Coins in your account will be deleted.