Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website has three types of user accounts with different privileges: Guest Account, Customer Account, and Partner Account. Any of these three types of account can be used on the Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website, HiKnow App, and Community.


Guest Account:

An account which has basic privileges to access and read some public content, and available for upgrading to the Customer account or Partner account.

Customer Account:

An account associated with a Huawei product SN or contract.

Partner Account:

An account associated with the user's company or organization.

Privileges of these accounts are listed as follows:

  full access      no access

How to register


Click the Login button in the top right-hand corner, and select Register button to create a new account.


Select Register by Email or Register by Mobile. The following uses registration by email as an example.


Fill in the registration form and click Register. Open the received registration email and activate your account as prompted.

Account Upgrade

Upgrading to the Partner Account or Customer Account requires different information and approval process. Please select the right type based on your actual needs.

Upgrade to a Partner Account


Log in to the website and click My Huawei.


Choose My Permissions from the navigation pane and click Associate .


(1) Fill in Personal Information and click “Next Step”;

(2) Jion an organization by searching on Company Names. Select the company you will associate with and click ”Next Step”;

(3) Set Role Permissions and click”Submit”.


Submit the application. Your company administrator will process this application.

Tips: After being upgraded to a Partner account, the account permissions are opened according to the certification type and certified product of the associated company.

How to check the authentication information of the associated company?

Go to the homepage of the website, click "My Huawei"-"Partner User Center"-"The company authentication Information".

Upgrade to a Customer Account


Log in to the website and click My Huawei.


Choose My Product Permission from the navigation pane and click Product Registration.


You can choose to register by SN or by Contract No.


Click Submit. The system automatically processes the application.

Tips: After upgrading to a Customer account, you can not only view product documents, multimedia, online tools, bulletins, knowledge base and other documentations published on the Support-E website, but also check and download software and patches for registered products.

How to check the products you have registered?

Go to the homepage of the website and click "My Huawei"-"My Product Permission"-"My Registered Product".

Account Renewal

If a customer account does not access the Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website for more than one year, the account renewal application is required and the email address bound to the account must be verified by emails. If the email address is invalid, the customer account will be downgraded to a common account.

How Do I Apply for Account Renewal?

Step 1

Log in to the Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website. In the displayed dialog box, click Renew. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address.

Step 2

Click the link in the verification email to complete the account renewal application.