Accurately locate product information and efficiently download software packages in batches.


Software Download Page

Two methods are provided for searching for software:

Enter a product model or keywords for search.

Search by Category.

Software Aggregation Page

Three methods are provided for filtering software:

  • Filter by version type.
  • Filter by product model.
  • Filter by version.

Software list:

  • Software is sorted by Version and Patch.
  • Status and Publication Date of each software are displayed.
  • Recommendation icon indicates a software version is applicable for most users.

Software Details Page

Software detailed information

Click Favorite to add the software to My Favorites. (For details about how to access My Favorites, see Help-My Subscription and Favorites.)

Version and patch software list

Software document list


Step 1

Select Software Download under PRODUCT SUPPORT on the homepage.

Step 2

Method 1: Search for a product model or keywords, such as S5700. Select the first option from the associated results.

The software aggregation page is displayed.

Method 2: Search by product, for example, select Switches.

On the documentation bookshelf page of switches, select S5700 Series.

The software aggregation page is displayed.

Step 3

Filter software by version type, product model, or version, and select a software version under Version and Patch as required. For example, select S5700 V200R011C10SPC600.

Step 4

Go to the S5700 V200R011C10SPC600 software details page.

Select a software package from the Version and Patch Software list and click the download icon on the right.

Select multiple software packages and click Download in the lower part of the page to download the software in batches.

Or select one or more documents from the Documentation list to download them.